Turkey Burgers – egg free, no breadcrumbs

Turkey burger cooked and placed on a bun. Home made chips and salad on plate

On a wet, cold and miserable Sunday afternoon I asked hubby what he wanted for dinner. He replied, “A juicy burger.” Excellent! That I could do. I had some turkey mince in the fridge that needed to be eaten up or frozen, so I could use it to make home made turkey burgers. I think hubby may have been a little sceptical about the fact that my offered turkey burgers were healthy equivalents of what he had in mind, but he was happy to go with me anyway.

I have made home made burgers several times over the years and although sometimes they work out they quite often either fall apart or get stuck to the pan. I had always assumed that this was because all my burgers have to be egg free. It couldn’t possibly be my poor attempts of cooking after all! I wasn’t quite sure which spices to use with the turkey mince, so I had a quick Google for some inspiration and I stumbled across an easy turkey burgers recipe which is egg and breadcrumbs free – amazing! I had a quick check of the ingredients, which are all store cupboard staples and started following the recipe.



500g Turkey Mince

1 large onion (I used red and only about 3/4 and I am glad because it was very noticeable. If you are not a huge fan of onion definitely use a little less.)

2 cloves of garlic peeled (I used 3 – I love garlic. Even with 3 I could have had more.)

pinch of sage

pinch of thyme

salt and pepper


The turkey burgers recipe from MamaofthreeMia is really easy to follow. I did vary from the original recipe a little as we don’t have sage, so I used basil instead which was tasty (probably a little too tasty since I poured far too much in – oops!) All I had to do was a little bit of chopping and mix it all together. This made it so quick and easy. Of course, if I had followed it more precisely and used the food processor it would have been even quicker, but instead I tried to create less washing up by using the hand mixer which did the job but did make my arms ache!

Turkey burgers in a griddle pan


Once I had mixed all of the ingredients together, I made five turkey burger patties from the mixture and popped them onto a meat chopping board and placed them in the fridge. I then turned the oven on and cut some home made chips and then made a nice salad to go with it. Hubby popped to the shop to buy some rolls and I grilled the patties in a griddle pan.


We enjoyed our yummy turkey burgers in front of Planes which J loved and made for a lovely family Sunday evening.




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  1. I remember a tip on a Gordon Ramsay show years ago for burgers, he said a dollop of ketchup helps to bind the mixture together? Maybe worth a try! Saying that, it doesn’t look like you need it, these look great!

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