Free From Easter Nests

Cornflake Easter Nests with Jelly Baby Chicks on top

My memories of Easter include lots of chocolate – Easter egg hunts around the garden; those yummy caramel filled eggs with the bright pink foil wrappers that you can no longer buy; Cadbury’s Creme eggs that were considerably larger than they are now; mini eggs by the bagful (I may have had a slight obsession with these). When travelling in Australia in my twenties I even asked my mum to send over some British made Easter eggs (if anyone has been to Australia you will know why). Sadly though none of these memories are possible to replicate. My life long intolerance of dairy which meant that by my teens I could only eat the little eggs went into overdrive after J was born and I can no longer tolerate any dairy at all. J can not tolerate dairy either, so we have to look at alternatives and have a Free From Easter instead.

I am not a great baker and I have to look at a recipe a zillion times if I am following one, so I love making easy treats like these yummy Easter Nests as I pretty much know what I am doing. I did quickly google a recipe to check quantities, but I didn’t have to check ingredients or worry about baking times or words I don’t understand. They are also really quick to make so perfect for younger children, especially if they are chocolate fans (unlike J) as they can lick the spoon/bowl/their fingers afterwards.


As I mentioned above, I am not good at baking and ratios are a complete mystery for me so I googled a recipe and found one on Netmums which was highly rated and actually worked perfectly. However, I then adapted the recipe so that they are dairy free versions of Easter Nests. I used Tesco Cornflakes mixed with Green and Blacks dark chocolate (dairy free), Golden Syrup and Pure butter (my dairy free butter of choice for baking). The Free From Easter Nests are a great choice for dairy free children (and adults) who think they may have to miss out on all the chocolate that this weekend often sees. We also chose to pop Jelly Babies Easter Chicks on top of the nests instead of the usual mini egg option that I often see (and drool over). However, the sweetness of the jelly sweet really adds to the yumminess of the Easter Nests, so I would recommend them.


J enjoyed breaking up the chocolate and popped it into the saucepan. He then helped me to weigh out the Pure butter and the Tesco Cornflakes – he loves using the weighing scales! I then melted the ingredients that were in the saucepan and once I mixed them back into the cornflakes he gave the mixture a stir. However, J most enjoyed putting the cupcake holders into the tray for me (and then taking them out again before I persuaded him to put them back in). I scooped the mixture into the cases while J went off to play and then he popped the Jelly Babies onto the top of each nest. After they cooled in the fridge for a couple of hours I tried one and I must say they are absolutely delicious… I may have to make another batch before Sunday otherwise there may be only 1 or 2 left for tea!


Cornflake Easter Nests with Jelly Baby chicks on top



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