Winter walk – Muddy Puddles and Feeding the Ducks

We got to tick off a couple of activities from our 2016 family wishlist this week.  We put on our wellies and went splashing in muddy puddles along by the river and fed the ducks for the first time.  A great family winter walk.

It has been such wet weather recently that it has been perfect for puddles, but J’s feet have only just fit into the shiny red aeroplane boots he received from his lovely aunty and uncle for Christmas.  I have been waiting rather impatiently for them to stop falling off his feet, so that we could go for a proper winter walk.Winter walk  J is rather unsure about them and kept trying to kick them off, but once we got to a muddy puddle and showed him how to stamp his feet and wade through it he had a huge smile on his little face.  We spent about 10 minutes in the first puddle (which was still in the car park!) He had so much fun.



Once we finally persuaded him to move away, J loved walking through all the puddles we came to and even tried to get into the river on several occasions. He moves quickly when he wants something!  He also loved looking around and was fascinated by the birds and the waving trees.  Every time we saw a dog we had to stand still and wait for it to come to us, or he would run after it shrieking with excitement.  Luckily, we met quite a few friendly dogs who he was able to pat.


Initially, we struggled to find some ducks, but once we tracked them down J was mesmerized.  There were about 40 ducks bobbing along in front of him which made him very excited and he just stood and stared at them for about 5 minutes despite it being rather chilly.


J loved watching us throw in the bread and the ducks swam right up to him to collect it.  He had a go at throwing it himself but it just ended up by his feet!


It was a lovely way to spend a cold sunny afternoon and I can’t wait to take him out to splash in puddles again.

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