Top 10 Disney World Rides and Attractions for Preschoolers

J driving a car in Tomorrowland, Magic Kingdom

These are three and a half year old J’s top 10 Disney World rides and attractions from the four main Disney World parks. These are mostly found in Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, which were J’s two favourite Disney parks. J also adored Blizzard Beach waterpark and the Winter Summerland miniature golf course and these would be on to his must do list for all children visiting Disney World. J’s top 10 Disney World rides and attractions for preschoolers list below is grouped into the parks and is not in preference order.

Magic Kingdom

Tomorrowland Speedway

3…2…1…GO! J was able to practise his driving skills at Tomorrowland Speedway as he raced around the track in his very own gas powered car (there is a guide rail under the car to stop any accidents). To drive accompanied you must be over 81cm (32in) tall and to drive alone you must be over 137cm tall. You can get a fastpass like we did for this ride, which is recommended as it is very popular. This was definitely car mad J’s favourite Magic Kingdom ride.


It’s a Small World

Another great favourite of J’s, we rode the boat around Small World three times during our holiday. It’s a Small World is a gentle and relaxing boat trip that takes you around to see the sights of the world and people dressed in traditional clothes. There is even a winter Small World too. Our favourite sights were the ferris wheel, the elephant, and the koala bear from Australia, where nanny lives.

Top 10 Disney World rides and attractions for preschoolers - Disney It's a Small World hinterland section


World Railroad

All aboard for a tour around the Magic Kingdom. The World Railroad was the first ride that J went on and as a lover of trains he enjoyed every minute of it, so of course we had to ride again and again. J first spotted Tomorrowland Speedway from the train and it gives you a good view of Frontierland too. With three stations around the park you can do a full circle trip or use it to carry little legs to another land. Choo Choo!


Jungle Cruise

J adored going next to the waterfall and getting splashed on the Jungle Cruise and this made the ride really fun and exciting for him. To do this you need to be sat on the furthest side when you get on the boat. He also loved seeing the animals (which are not real, but I suspect that they were to J). I recommend a fastpass for this ride purely to avoid the very long queues, but I will also warn you that this one is cheesy!


Prince Charming’s Royal Carousel

It is hard not to love an old school carousel. J loved riding the horses while singing Horsey Horsey to himself. This carousel has a bench for people to sit on that may not be able to access the horses, or for parents with babies who want to ride. I sat with J on the horse as they were high and he was unsure. I think I enjoyed it just as much as he did. A classic.


Animal Kingdom

Kilimanjaro Safari

For animal lover J, the Kilimanjaro Safari was always going to be a hit and it didn’t disappoint. J loved seeing his favourites – the lions, crocodiles and rhinos as well as zebras, elephants and giraffes. We rode the Kilimanjaro Safari three times and saw something different each time. The commentary was educational and lively and J picked up a few interesting facts as we went.

A rhino munching his food slightly hidden behind a large rock at Animal Kingdom


UP! Birdshow

Another popular one for animal fan, J. In this show based in Asia, the audience get up close to a range of birds including parrots, a peacock and a toucan. The birds are joined by characters, Russell and Dug who are Wilderness Explorers and want to learn all about these feathery animals. J was completely mesmerised for the whole show and he just had to go back for a second visit.


Triceratops Spin

Ride on a dinosaur and admire the view over Dinoland USA. This was the first high ride that J has ever been on and he thought it was so much fun that he went on it twice in a row. You can control the height of the ride so it is a good chance to see how your little ones feel about being off the ground. It does raise to the top at the end automatically though. Even compared to similar rides – Dumbo and the Magic Carpets of Aladdin – J preferred the Triceratops Spin.


Affection Section

J loved meeting the goats and pigs and giving the animals a brush in this petting area reached via a train ride up to Rafiki’s Planet Watch. Although the animals were quite large, J had no hesitation in picking up a brush and approaching the goat. Affection Section is a great opportunity for children to bond with the animals and to learn a bit about them and their care needs too.

J brushing a grey goat.


Hollywood Studios

Disney Jr Live on Stage

This show was the first and only indoor show we took J to at Disney World and although he was very unsure while we waited, as soon as it started he stared fascinated all the way through. This show starts off just like an episode of Mickey’s Clubhouse and then visits some other Disney Junior favourite characters – Princess Sophia, Doc McStuffins and Jake of the Neverland Pirates – who help Mickey and his friends solve their problems. The only downside for me was that the show featured puppets that rose up from the floor rather than full sized characters, but this didn’t bother J in the slightest and he talked enthusiastically about the show afterwards.


These are J’s top 10 Disney World rides and attractions for preschoolers but J had such an incredible time at Disney World that he did find it hard to choose only 10 for this list. If you would like to know more about our trip or any of the parks please pop over to read our blog posts about each park.

Magic Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

Hollywood Studios


Blizzard Beach


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Top 10 Disney World Rides and Attractions for Preschoolers.

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