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Welcome to Adventures with J!

I’m Laura, proud mum to my wonderful son J who was born in 2014.

Whether you are looking for educational activities and advice, play ideas, family days out, children’s party ideas or support with Sensory Processing Disorder, I hope you will find what you are looking for on Adventures with J. If not drop me an email to let me know and I will try to help you out.

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The Story of Adventures with J

Before I had J, I was a teacher and although I loved my job, I decided not to return to work after my maternity leave because J needed my full focus. However, I wanted to keep my brain active during the very long days and nights and still feel like me rather than a sleep zombie, so I started Adventures with J as a parenting blog which gave me a therapeutic and creative outlet.

As a SAHM most of my days were spent playing with J, which I loved. Watching him, I realised how much he learnt through play and how much he loved learning. J was naturally curious and this led to him wanting to constantly learn – to know more; to understand the why and the how; to try new things so he could learn what would happen as cause and effect. His curiosity made him an explorer; an adventurer in the world. He was learning all the time and loving every second of it.

My role in the play was simple – create learning opportunities; introduce J to new things; guide him through the learning by asking questions; teach J to begin to problem solve for himself by asking his own questions. I loved it!

Ice Play - J in his yellow builder's hat using a wooden hammer and screwdriver to chisel the ice to free the car.

I found myself thinking of new ways for J to learn; new things to put in front of him to explore; new questions to ask to help him solve a problem. I found that my teaching background really helped me to know what step to take next with J. I realised that other people would love to do these activities with their children too and so Adventures with J has changed from a parenting blog into a website focused on learning through play and educational ideas and advice.

Of course, it isn’t just babies, toddlers and preschoolers who love to learn through play, so I have activities and ideas for older, school aged children too. Lots of the activities are purposeful play, so they have a reason to them – for example to help your child learn their numbers, to encourage your child to use prepositions in their writing, to explore the world around them. All the activities are fun and inspirational and your child can learn at their own pace and follow their own interests through their play.

Learning isn’t restricted to a school or a desk at home with books or a computer. There is a big wide world full of educational experiences and learning adventures which are perfect for everyone, especially children, so you will also find lots of family friendly days out and travel on Adventures with J. You can tailor these explorations to your child’s current interests. What better way is there to learn about animals than to see them for themselves, watch their movement and see their habitats? What better way is there for children to learn about history than to visit the places key events took place or to hold pieces of history in their hands? Learning should be fun, natural and real. It should be hands on and child led. It should teach problem solving, perseverance, determination, creativity and independence. It should be inspiring, adventurous and flexible and that is what Adventures with J aims to bring to your family – a love of learning.

A letter to J at three and a half

Sensory Processing Disorder

When J was two he was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder and as it turns out, I have it too! To help J navigate the world we live in, I have created lots of sensory activities for him to do alongside calming activities, some of which are also included on the blog. J is currently undergoing therapy to help his sensory integration and food therapy and I will include some key aspects of our journey to help other families.

J's hands picking a strawberry in June

In the words of Einstein, “Play is the highest form of research.”

Adventures with J all random facts infographic.

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