World Oceans Day Activities for Preschoolers

World Oceans Day activities for preschoolers. Turtle swimming under water near the surface with coral and rocks beneath it.

June 8th is World Oceans Day so I have a range of World Oceans Day activities for J to do this week. The World Ocean Day website has some great resources you could use with children too.

Small World

I have created an ocean themed small world for J to play with to introduce our World Oceans Day activities. We have some Peterkin soft sea animals, including a dolphin, whale, shark, turtle, walrus and seal and some animal bath toys too including ducks, an octopus and a seahorse. These will be available for J to play with in the ocean themed small world. J has an underwater base which has a shark cage and two divers, so I have put that inside the small world too so that we can discuss the interaction between marine life and humans under the water as we play. I will talk about marine scientists researching marine life and ocean conditions to help protect the animals. We also have some small boats for the bath which J can use in his small world if he wishes and then we can talk about how humans and sea creatures interact near the top of the water. We will talk about fishing and the impact that has on the seas as well as human leisure activities. I will use real water in the small world if we are able to go outside in the garden to play and a combination of foil and blue fabric for days that we want to play indoors with it. If J is keen to play with real water and it is raining or cold outside then I may move the play to the sink or bath instead of the tuff tray.
World Oceans Week small world

Ocean Themed Role Play

J quite likes playing with toilet rolls pretending they are telescopes, so I think it may be time to get out the washing basket boat (I remember playing this as a child). J could play with a pirate theme, or a scientist theme so I will let him choose. If he plays as a scientist we have a fishing net and we can scoop up the toy animals from the sea and give them a medical check up and tag them before releasing them back to the sea.

A Beach Scavenger Hunt

J and I will be heading to the beach with a bucket to collect some objects from the beach. We will be looking for shells, seaweed, driftwood, a feather, some pebbles, rope or net, treasure. We will then bring the items home for our art work.

Seaweed and shells on a beach.

Ocean Themed Art Work

We haven’t done any painting for awhile, so I will ask J to use his blue paint for the sea and we can then use PVA glue to make a collage with some of the items that we found in our scavenger hunt on the beach, including seaweed and shells. We will also make some foil fish and paint those too and glue them onto the painting. This will make for a great memory of all our World Oceans Day activities.

Ocean Themed letter hunting

I am going to bury some cardboard letters in sand and give J a spade and some tongs and ask him to dig out the letters. We can practise saying them once he pulls them out. Once they are all out we can make the alphabet with them and then his name.

Colourful letters buried in sand for letter digging fun.


Ocean Themed Books and TV

We have the Snail and the Whale which talks about the impact of humans on marine life so we will read this book. We will also read Tiddler and list all the creatures that we can find in the book and then make some with play dough. We also have an Octonauts book from the library at the moment so we will read that and maybe watch a few episodes on TV throughout the week too. There are some Octonauts themed learning ideas on the World Oceans Day website too.

Have a lovely World Oceans Week and I hope you have fun with some ocean themed activities with your little ones. Please share any ideas in the comments. If you have enjoyed these activities please pin this image. Thanks!

Ocean themed activities for preschoolers, toddlers and young children.


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