Spider Web Fine Motor Challenge

spiders on a bed of shredded green paper with a pipe cleaner web over the top and purple tweezers resting on the pipe cleaners

In preparation for learning to write, I have been creating lots of fun fine motor skills activities for J to play. In keeping with the autumn/Halloween season I made a spider web fine motor challenge for him. It was a really simple activity to set up and I only used items that I had lying around the house already. J was really excited when he saw the spider web in the cupboard and couldn’t wait to get started.


J looking excitedly into his spider web fine motor challenge. He is using purple tweezers to pick up a spider from inside the pipe cleaner web.

Spider Web Fine Motor Challenge

Equipment I used:

  • toy spiders
  • pipe cleaners
  • toy shopping basket
  • fabric
  • shredded paper
  • wiggly eyes
  • children’s tweezers


Setting up:

  1. I cut up a scrap of fabric to place in the bottom of the shopping basket so that the spiders and wiggly eyes didn’t fall out.
  2. Next, I placed some green shredded paper on top of the fabric to create a bed for the spiders.
  3. I then added the spiders and wiggly eyes on top of the shredded paper.
  4. To make the web I wrapped the ends of the pipe cleaners around the top holes in the basket. I ensured that the pipe cleaners crossed over each other to create a tangled web.


black toy spiders on a bed of green shredded tissue paper and one orange pipe cleaner above


When J saw the spider web fine motor challenge he couldn’t wait to get started. He wanted to jump straight in and collect all the spiders with his hands, so I had to persuade him to use the tweezers. His patience was tested as he just wanted to race to get the spiders and the wobbly eyes out as quickly as he could but he did enjoy the challenge the tweezers added. He found that the tweezers didn’t capture the spider’s legs very well, so I showed him how to pick up the spider bodies. J was able to do this well. However, he used his hands to collect the wobbly eyes which he thought was great fun.


J using his purple tweezers to pick up a black toy spider from the pipe cleaner web


For younger children, it may be better to leave out the shredded paper because the spider’s legs got tangled in it which made it harder to pull them out.


J counting toy spider legs. Spiders are sat on a green plate after having been tweezers out of the web.


J loves spiders and he enjoyed counting how many legs each spider had and then adding them altogether once he had collected them all.


The spider web fine motor challenge was a definite hit with J. He loved this activity and couldn’t wait to do some spider play. I have a few more autumnal/Halloween activities up my sleeve for the next couple of weeks. If you don’t want to miss them sign up to my newsletter.


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  1. Great idea!! Although those spiders would creep me out haha. I didn’t realise how important fine motor skills were for helping with writing and my five year old struggles with his writing, definitely wish I’d done more things like this with him xx

  2. This is a great idea! My boy would have loved this when he was a little younger. I can’t wait to do these sorts of things with Oscar when he’s a bit older.

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