Shaving Foam Car Wash Sensory Play

J washing the cars clean at his shaving foam car wash.

In this lovely hot summer, any excuse to encourage J to play with water to help him cool down is a good one and combining that with some touch sensory play too is even better. Before we could set up the shaving foam car wash we had to empty the sand from the sand and water tray in the garden, which J loved helping with. First he dug all of the sand and poured it into a black bin liner which was sat in his wheelbarrow. Then he wheeled his wheelbarrow to the bins and emptied all the sand. Following this he used the hose to fill the tray with water (and I added some washing up liquid) and then J scrubbed the sand tray with a brush. J loved being helpful and thought this was lots of fun too.


When J had finally finished playing with the water, bubbles and brush it was time to fill one half of the tray with water and the other half with shaving foam. J then added his cars into the shaving foam and got them nice and covered.

Shaving foam car wash - all the cars covered in shaving foam.


Once the cars were all dirty, J picked them up and gave them a good scrub. This was a great step forward as last summer he would only transfer the shaving foam covered dinosaurs to the water with tongs.

J washing his cars in shaving foam


Then J transferred the shaving foam covered cars to the water to wash them. The downside of this is that after a couple of cars the water is full of shaving foam, but considering this had a sensory play purpose I didn’t mind and the cars still emerged sparkly clean. We could have added washing up liquid to the water to help clean the cars better and then had a third bowl of water to rinse them if we wanted but it wasn’t necessary today.


J washing the shaving foam off the cars.


It doesn’t matter what you put into the shaving foam, but either something that your child enjoys playing with, or some new toys which you want them to play more with would be a great idea. We have done this play with dinosaurs previously which J enjoyed too.


Have you enjoyed reading about our shaving foam car wash? If so then please comment below or pin this image so that other people can play too. Thanks!

Shaving Foam Car Wash

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