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Message in a Bottel front cover of book with Kiki sat on the bottle in the ocean

When I was a child I loved reading! I remember going to the library at least once a week and it is a passion that has never ceased (although I certainly don’t have as much time to read as I once did!!) When I found out I was pregnant I couldn’t wait to buy books so I could sit snuggled up with my son reading and looking at picture books. Once J arrived, I didn’t wait long; we were looking at books together before he was two months old. When I was asked to be a member of the Message in a Bottle launch team I was thrilled as it meant I would get to review the book once it was released as well as see the journey it took to getting published.


 Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle tells the story of Kiki, a Scarlet Hawaiian Honeycreeper, who really wants to go on an adventure. She finds a bottle washed up on the beach with a message inside. Since you can personalise this book the message is addressed to your child. In a spontaneous moment of bravery, Kiki decides to deliver the message to it’s rightful owner and off she flies into the unknown. Message in a Bottle charts her adventure and the wonderful creatures she meets along the way, from the highly sprung sailfish to the cheeky monkeys. It isn’t all plain sailing for Kiki but she makes it in the end to deliver your chosen message to your loved one.

Message in a Bottle promo photo of owl cuddling Kiki to keep her warm at night

What makes it special?

As a teacher, I know the value of a great picture book for developing children’s excitement of reading, their imaginations and their comprehension skills. Lots of people think that picture books are for babies and preschool age only. They are wrong! Some of the really great picture books are aimed at an older audience. Then there are the truly great picture books; the ones that reach out to you no matter what age you are.
Message in a Bottle is one of these GREAT books. Why? Because the illustrations are just fabulous, the story line is exciting, Kiki is a loveable main character and to make it even more special you can personalise it! I remember having a personalised Christmas book, which sadly seems to have been thrown away (probably because it was so well read and was rather tatty), but I wish we still had it as I remember how much I loved having a book that was written just for me. With Message in a Bottle you can use one of the personalised templates provided, or create a completely unique message. You can even add a photo of your child, which J loved! This certainly added to the wow factor of the book.


 Message page of Message in a Bottle book with a personalised message being held up by Kiki and a photo of the child on.



Before we first read Message in a Bottle together, I was a little worried that J would be too young as I think the perfect age for this book is 4-8 years, however, he was captivated by every page. He loved Kiki, the whale and the owl best but he took time just looking at all the pictures and didn’t want me to turn the page until he was ready. I was able to read all the words to him, rather than having to summarise, which surprised me as it is the longest book we have read so far. J loved hearing his name throughout the story and when he saw that Kiki had delivered the message and there was a photo of him of the page he got really excited and kept pointing to himself! Reading this book with J was a really special moment for me having seen the book come together and I was thrilled by how much he enjoyed it.

A definite 10 out of 10 from both of us!


You can buy your copy of Message in a Bottle from here and for my first 10 lucky readers you can have 15% off by using the code 6HZPJ9.

Kiki sat on a rock with back to reader looking out over a sunset over the ocean. Kiki is holding a mug with steam coming from it and sat next to her is a telescope.

I have been gifted this book in exchange of a review. All opinions are honest and my own.



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