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Mrs Mactivity scissor cutting worksheets with a Christmas theme and a pair of green child's scissors

Since we are heading to Orlando this year, we will have two 10 hour flights to amuse J on. Therefore, I was rather excited when offered the opportunity to review a new educational resource website for teachers and parents called Mrs Mactivity. There is only so long that J will spend watching TV or playing with a couple of cars on a plane, so I thought it would be great to print off some fun resources for him to colour or craft with while flying across the Atlantic Ocean. There are some great resources on Mrs Mactivity for us to choose from.


Mrs Mactivity creates fun teaching and learning resources which can be used in school or at home. They are also great for home educators, especially the STEM activities and the Phonics section. The resources are created by teachers and tested by children to ensure that they are spot on to cover their educational purpose and the enjoyment of the children. My favourite thing about the Mrs Mactivity resources are the fact that they are hand drawn so are truly unique. They are of a fabulous quality and I immediately knew that J would enjoy the child friendly pictures.


Mrs Mactivity fine motor skills pencil control worksheet with a New Year theme


There are two options to sign up to Mrs Mactivity – firstly you have lots of FREE resources, which is great. Secondly, there is a subscription option to pay ONLY £9.97 per year for access to everything. The team over at Mrs Mactivity believe that less is more and that quality is more important than quantity. So far they have created resources for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Chinese New Year and Easter as well as non themed content. There is even a new unicorn themed section of resources. I am looking forward to seeing what Mrs Mactivity creates with a summer or a holiday theme – surely it can’t be long until the weather changes?


The Mrs Mactivity content is focused for school aged children, specifically Reception and KS1, so it was mostly aimed above J’s age. However, J loves fine motor skills activities and there were plenty of these to choose from. I printed some scissor activities for J, as well as some pencil control themed worksheets. He also loves counting, so I printed some join the dots sheets. Although they count much higher than the 0-20 J is used to he will still enjoy completing these. I have also printed some unicorn bookmarks for him to colour and make. He loves reading and will enjoy using his very own bookmark. J is also a fan of unicorns so he will enjoy colouring these in.  Since this is a new and growing site, there may be something you would love to see created by the team at Mrs Mactivity. Send an email to Mrs Mactivity at hello@mrsmactivity.co.uk and they will do their best to create content to meet your needs.


Mrs Mactivity join the dots animal worksheet


For further inspiration for how to use the Mrs Mactivity resources with your child visit their blog where there are some great ideas and suggestions, or have a look at their Facebook page instead.







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