Best Alternative Advent Calendars for Kids 2018

Crayola Advent Calendar

Gone are the days when the choices for advent calendars were either chocolate or pictures behind each window.  Today there are so many advent calendars competing for your cash that it can be hard to know which one to buy. Here is my list of the BEST Alternative Advent Calendars in 2018.


Sue Ryder Box Advent Calendar


Sue Ryder Advent Calendar little house with a snowy reindeer scene in the roof space and 24 little boxes in the house.


I love this advent calendar from Sue Ryder. Not only is it stylish and traditional with the reindeer snow scene, it also has pretty lights and will look fabulous above a fireplace or on a book case in an evening. At a very reasonable £19.99 this Advent calendar can be used year after year which makes it one of the economical choices on the market. I love that each little box can be filled with a chocolate or non chocolate treat. I think this would work really well for a kindness Advent calendar or as a family activity Advent calendar. What really makes this advent calendar wonderful though is that 100% of the profit from it goes to palliative, neurological and bereavement support, so you can feel great while treating yourself. What’s not to love?




Lego City Advent CalendarLego City Advent Calendar in the box

J has recently discovered Lego City and it is safe to say, he is a MASSIVE FAN! This is no surprise at all to those who know him well because he has always loved building, constructing and problem solving. He has developed my love of Christmas and so giving him a Lego Christmas Advent Calendar is a little too tempting for me to resist – I mean look at that Lego Santa! I haven’t succumbed yet but I think I will as it will have play value for so many years to come! If you shop around this product is currently available for £18. Lego has also released Lego Friends and Lego Star Wars (perfect for hubby) advent calendars. Maybe next year they will release a Lego Harry Potter Advent calendar! That will be a definite winner!



BrainBox Christmas Advent Calendar


BrainBox Christmas Advent Calendar Box & Contents. 2 bauble shaped cards. 1 with Christmas scene on it and on the other are questions about the scene.

I love the new BrainBox Christmas game which doubles as a fabulous Advent calendar! Inside the box are 24 cards shaped like Christmas baubles. Each card has a theme such as Advent, Christmas market, carol singing, pantomime or Christmas crackers. On one side of the bauble is a picture and a sentence about it, on the reverse side are 4 questions. I love that there are 4 questions as most families can ask each child a different question so that everyone can play each day without any squabbling! Once you have finished playing, the bauble cards create an Advent decoration. Simply use the pegs included to attach the baubles onto the candy cane coloured string.


I am a huge fan of Advent calendars which bring additional value and the BrainBox Christmas game offers 3 in one – a game, an Advent calendar and a decoration. But what makes this even better is that all of the BrainBox games are made with at least 70% recycled materials so this Advent calendar helps the environment too. At a bargain price of only £11.99 this is one of the cheapest alternative Advent calendars on the market for kids and can be played every year making it a new Christmas tradition too.




Moo Free Advent Calendar


Moo Free Advent Calendar


For those of us with children (or adults) who have allergies and intolerances having the option of a Moo Free Advent Calendar is a huge relief. They are gluten, dairy, casein, lactose, wheat and soya free. The Moo Free Advent calendar is also vegan which is fab and best of all the moo free chocolate is yummy. This advent calendar comes in at between £4-5 dependent on which shop you buy it from.





Hatchimels advent calendar


The Hatchimals craze is hard to avoid – kids love them! And for good reason. J adores his ‘tiger twins’ (they aren’t tigers) and loves to play with them and care for them. The Hatchimals Advent Calendar will be sure to be a popular addition to mantlepieces across the country this year. It is currently available from Amazon at £23.47. There are over 50 surprises to be discovered in the Hatchimals Advent calendar with stickers, accessories, paper craft decorations and exclusive characters in and out of eggs.




Smiggle Advent Calendar


Smiggle Advent Calendar


For stationery mad kids you can’t beat a Smiggle Advent Calendar. £40+ worth of limited edition stationery in each calendar for £25. I think that as a child this would have been a huge hit for me as I love what is inside. If you’d like to know what you get inside each door have a look at the unboxing by Our Little Escapades. There are some lovely items included in the Smiggle Advent calendar!




VTech Advent Calendar

Vtech calendar


It would be most unfair for the younger members of the household to miss out on Advent calendars when all the older kids are having fun. I love this VTech Toot Toot Animals Advent calendar for your little ones. The Toot Toot Reindeer is just too cute! Prices for this calendar range hugely from £20-30 so definitely shop around for this one.




Crayola Advent Calendar

Crayola Advent Calendar


Having an Advent calendar which allows your child to be creative and gives them a daily activity is without a doubt a winner for me. I love the Crayola Advent calendar activities. Packed with craft activities, homemade gifts, colouring and finger puppets, this Crayola Advent calendar costs £17.99 making it great value for money in my eyes.




LakeLand Nativity Calendar


Lakeland Nativity Calendar


I love the Lakeland Nativity Advent calendar. The Nativity characters are child friendly and the Advent calendar can be reused each year, either by unboxing each addition to the Nativity scene again or by adding a sweet treat or family activity inside to complete. I think it is becoming harder to find good quality Nativity scenes for Christmas and this one really won me over. I think J would love to set this up and play with it every day like I did with our family Nativity when I was a child. This Advent calendar does come at a high price at £67.99, but I see it as a family investment and keepsake for years to come.



I hope you have loved this great range of Advent calendars for 2018 and that you have found one which is perfect for your family? I’d love to know in the comments which one you have chosen for the kids!



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Best Alternative Advent Calendars 2018


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I received a BrainBox Christmas Advent calendar in exchange for including it in this post. I absolutely love this product and can’t wait to use it with J. All views are honest and my own.

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