Best Educational Christmas Gift Guide for 3-8 Year Olds

Blackboard with Educational Christmas Gifts written on with 2 snowflakes. Wrapped Christmas presents around the outside.

I love Christmas! One of my favourite things about this time of year is being able to thank those around me by buying them presents which I know they will love. I have always put a lot of thought into what I choose to gift people. Now that we have J, I have to be even more organised because his birthday is in December. I have to find the best presents to last him for the next 12 months and therefore I do a lot of research so that I get it right. I love to try to find a balance of gifts for him. I aim to have something that he would choose; something to wear; a book; a game; something educational; something to make or create; something to encourage being active; something to treasure forever.


When I started to search for the perfect educational gift I realised just how many amazing products there are on the market for kids so I created this ‘Educational Christmas Gift Guide for 3-8 year olds’ to show you what I think are the BEST educational products available this year. Every single one of these educational Christmas presents I either have already, or I will be buying them for J this year.

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Skerryvore: A Book Review

Skerryvore front cover section. 2 children stood in front of a house. Sepia.

Skerryvore, the first book of the Dark Net series, is a gripping historical fantasy novel written by Lee Williams. Full of twists, turns and intrigue this book is hard to put down and will be a great addition to your teens book shelf.


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How to Teach World War 1 to Kids

Photo taken from the ground looking up at poppies

100 years on from the end of World War 1 it is increasingly difficult for our children to relate to what day to day life was like in 1914-18, let alone life in the trenches. The further removed we become from this time, the easier it is to consider events as something out of a book, film or even a computer game. However, it is so important to continue to pass on the knowledge of the past so we don’t forget the lessons it taught us. So how do we teach WW1 to our children?

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#InstaLinky Week 20

Welcome to #InstaLinky Week 20

Here at #InstaLinky our goal is to get your beautiful Instagram feeds seen and some of the attention they really deserve!

We run from Sunday to Sunday and all bloggers are welcome to add up to FIVE INSTAGRAM POSTS throughout the week!

Join Katie (Mummy in a Tutu) and I in a community of snap happy bloggers!

Link up and share all your experiences, successes and failures, laughter and tears.

All posts welcome!

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