Shaving Foam Car Wash Sensory Play

J washing the cars clean at his shaving foam car wash.

In this lovely hot summer, any excuse to encourage J to play with water to help him cool down is a good one and combining that with some touch sensory play too is even better. Before we could set up the shaving foam car wash we had to empty the sand from the sand and water tray in the garden, which J loved helping with. First he dug all of the sand and poured it into a black bin liner which was sat in his wheelbarrow. Then he wheeled his wheelbarrow to the bins and emptied all the sand. Following this he used the hose to fill the tray with water (and I added some washing up liquid) and then J scrubbed the sand tray with a brush. J loved being helpful and thought this was lots of fun too.


When J had finally finished playing with the water, bubbles and brush it was time to fill one half of the tray with water and the other half with shaving foam. J then added his cars into the shaving foam and got them nice and covered.

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#InstaLinky Week 7

#InstaLinky badge tonal oranges with Instagram photo image in the middle, title above and weblink for hosts below.

Welcome to #InstaLinky Week 7

Here at #InstaLinky our goal is to get your beautiful Instagram feeds seen and some of the attention they really deserve!

We run from Sunday to Sunday and all bloggers are welcome to add up to FIVE INSTAGRAM POSTS throughout the week!

Join Katie (Mummy in a Tutu) and I in a community of snap happy bloggers!

Link up and share all your experiences, successes and failures, laughter and tears.

All posts welcome!

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Alligators at Myakka River State Park

Myakka River State Park has an abundance of alligators. Here are two swimming side by side with their snouts, eyes and backs visible on the water. They are swimming away from the boat.

J loves crocodiles. He always has. I have no idea where this fascination came from, but it is there and since we are heading to Florida, home of gators galore, I figured that he would love to see some in the wild. Having previously experienced the commercialism of the Everglades, I went on the hunt for alternative locations to view alligators. Once I read about Myakka River State Park, I knew that I was onto a winner. Since the park is located not far from Sarasota we planned to spend the morning at Myakka River and the afternoon at Siesta Key beach. Only things didn’t quite go to plan.

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Trapped in the Ice Sensory Play

The car trapped in ice but partially free with a chunk of chiselled off ice sat beside it.
J has always been resistant to playing with ice in the past – he is adverse to temperature extremes. However, in our recent heat wave he has been asking for ice in his water and so I thought we would try some ice play. Since J is a huge car fan, I thought I would trap a car in the ice to encourage him to play with the ice to free the car.
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How to Survive the Summer Holiday

Family paddling in the sea at the beach.
For many parents, the 6 week summer holiday seems daunting. So many parents feel the pressure to make the most of every single second of their time with their child and to be constantly busy and spending a fortune on days out. I can assure you that there simply isn’t the need and I’m sure that your child is just happy to be on holiday from school and enjoy a break and an opportunity to play with their toys, their family and their friends. When I was a teacher, I liked to have a couple of busy days immediately after breaking up to burn off the end of term adrenalin and excitement but once that was done I had to just chill out. I was exhausted and many of your children will be too.
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