Toddler Talk: The World According to J at Two and Three Quarters

Since I last wrote on my blog 11 months ago, J has grown considerably. Therefore, I thought it only fair to update you on what life is like according to J at two and three quarters. It is fair to say that it is mostly wonderful, but there has been a definite increase in toddler frustration and no’s since we last caught up!


“Sunshine makes me happy mummy.” This is a phrase that J utters quite frequently and I definitely feel that I am to blame for this one. I hate rain and cold and wind and adore blue skies and sunshine and clearly I am passing this lesson onto my son.

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House Hunting: Selling a House

Large detached house
I have moved house so many times, I partly wonder if I will ever be happy staying in one home for a longer period of time. However, part of me craves for a family home where J can grow up and when he is older a home he can look back on with full of happy memories. I had a family home from the age of 12, but prior to that I moved every couple of years and to be honest I loved it. New bedroom, new friends, new garden. It was something that I enjoyed from a young age and as an adult I have moved many times myself. I get itchy feet and a desire to have a new experience. I always thought the next move would be abroad, but since foreign visas and employment markets are not as they were 15 years ago it seems that this is not a realistic prospect any time soon so a family home here seems like the natural next step. However it means having to deal with selling a house.
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The Tasburgh Hotel: A Review

Eliot room at The Tasburgh Hotel. A blue and white coloured chaise lounge in front of a matching king size bed and headboard. Cream walls and lamp on bed side table.

Hubby took me away to Bath for our 10th Wedding Anniversary last month and rather than staying in our usual Premier Inn he splashed out on the beautiful 5 star boutique Tasburgh Hotel. Because he wanted the surprise trip to be extra special he took a lot of time to find the perfect place to stay and booked it months before giving him a full choice of rooms.


Greeted like Old Friends

When we pulled off the A36 just past Bathampton we found the beautiful redbrick building that was originally owned by Royal photographer, John Berryman. As we parked outside The Tasburgh Hotel we both knew that he had picked a winner. We headed inside to let them know our car registration (parking is included which in Bath is a definite bonus) and we were greeted like old friends by Grant, the General Manager. Little luxuries dotted the reception such as bottled water, comfy chairs to sit on and even home made honey available to purchase. My eye was drawn down the corridor to the restaurant where a delicate chandelier hung.

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An Anniversary Weekend in Bath

Photo of the Crescent in Bath. A row of Georgian mansions with grassland in front of them.

Bath is one of my favourite cities in England. I love the architecture, the boutique shopping, the history and the friendliness of the locals. I remember the first time that I visited Bath on a school trip. As our coach drove around the corner from Bathampton to the south we got our first glimpse of the city built of stone in the valley below us. I instantly fell in love with the beauty of the city and have loved it ever since. I was thrilled when my husband decided to treat to to a surprise weekend away there for our 10th wedding anniversary.

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Hypnobirthing – What it did for me

Hypnobirthing - What it did for me - pregnant me sitting on a tree trunk.

Getting pregnant had always been what I had focussed on, so when I actually became pregnant I was delighted. However, once the realisation that I was actually carrying a baby inside me hit (I had seen the 12 week scan, I had heard the heart beat at my 16 week midwife appointment and I was out of my own clothes and wearing the maternity clothes I had long dreamt about) it suddenly occurred to me that this baby had to also come out! PANIC!!

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