Motherhood fails – Changing a baby

J in a nappy playing with blocks

Changing a baby… how hard can it be?  Well it turns out extremely tricky!


When J was a newborn he despised being naked and would scream so that the whole street could hear him if you so much as suggested that his sleepsuit was about to come off.  This meant nappy changes were Newborn J sleepingstressful as we hurried with all those damn poppers!  Seriously, they are like bed poppers!  They just don’t want to be done up and then whenever you are trying to do them quickly they manage to move around and get paired with the wrong one – it is all their fault I promise!

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All the Little Things

J playing on the beach

I read and love a blog series called ‘18 Million Things’ by one of my favourite bloggers Occupation(M)other and felt inspired to do something very similar.  Children change and develop so quickly that it is so easy to forget their little quirks and mannerisms.  I want to record All the Little Things that my little boy does that I love so much, so that I don’t forget them.


16 months


Dear J


I love the way you stick your bottom out and lean forward when you are looking for something.


I love the way you turn both palms upwards when I ask, “Where is/are…”, which you have learnt from me (although I didn’t realise I even did that until you started to).


I love the fact that you laugh if daddy and I laugh even though you don’t know what we are laughing at.

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Bournemouth Oceanarium: A Toddler Day Out


With the heavy rain and high wind forecast for Easter Sunday hubby and I stared at each other in trepidation.  It is not acceptable to stay in all day unless J is poorly.  He is so active that he simply must go out.  There are no exceptions to this rule; even if it means braving awful weather.  Thankfully, we discovered with great relief that the Bournemouth Oceanarium was one of the few things open on Easter Day and since we have a season ticket we planned a trip there for the afternoon.


Since J was little he has loved fish.  At only a couple of months old, he was sent to sleep by a combination of watching the fish swim around and the noise of a fish tank at my friend’s house and we often took him to a local aquatic shop just to have a peek.  His first visit to the Oceanarium was at only 4 months old for my niece’s birthday.  J was scared of the big fish and then fell asleep most of the way around, so not the most successful visit.     A couple of months later we had taken him again and he loved it so much that we bought a season ticket.

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Tears, Pain and Suffering: Reflux One Year On

People (neighbours, Internet forums, newspaper articles, dieticians and paediatricians) told me that J would grow out of his reflux when he was weaned about 8-9 months old.  Great I thought!  Naively, I believed them.


Once his reflux was under control I figured that would be it.  Wean him at 6 months (some talk about weaning early because of the reflux) and then stop the drugs a couple of months later.  I think that the false hope, the created expectations and the, “Why is this not happening for me?!” is a dangerous game to play with a sleep deprived mummy.  Again the trivialisation of reflux by the medical profession, the media and society has led to frustration, feelings of isolation and failure and a determination to protect my baby against the world of preconceived judgements.

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Tears, Pain and Suffering – A Newborn with Reflux

newborn baby with reflux

Taking your newborn baby home is supposed to be full of joy and happiness, but when reflux rears it’s evil head the story can be quite different… one of tears, pain and suffering.  The condition is trivialised by the media and many in the medical profession, but is surprisingly common.  Much greater awareness of the symptoms and treatment are needed as well as highlighting the suffering and pain that reflux and silent reflux cause babies and families across the country.

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