Free From Easter Nests

Cornflake Easter Nests with Jelly Baby Chicks on top

My memories of Easter include lots of chocolate – Easter egg hunts around the garden; those yummy caramel filled eggs with the bright pink foil wrappers that you can no longer buy; Cadbury’s Creme eggs that were considerably larger than they are now; mini eggs by the bagful (I may have had a slight obsession with these). When travelling in Australia in my twenties I even asked my mum to send over some British made Easter eggs (if anyone has been to Australia you will know why). Sadly though none of these memories are possible to replicate. My life long intolerance of dairy which meant that by my teens I could only eat the little eggs went into overdrive after J was born and I can no longer tolerate any dairy at all. J can not tolerate dairy either, so we have to look at alternatives and have a Free From Easter instead.

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Disney Memories

We are off to Forida in a couple of months and I am very excited! I have been to the Sunshine State twice previously and have been looking forward to going back. The first time I went as a teen to Orlando with my family and it was all about the Disney and Universal theme parks and cheap shopping. The second time I went with now hubby and we travelled around visiting Miami Beach, the Everglades, Disney and Kennedy Space Station. On this holiday it will be mostly all about J and what he wants to do, but I am determined to make a trip over to the Gulf Coast while we are there too (which J will love too). As we have been ensuring we are all prepared for our holiday I have been thinking back to my previous trips and I thought I would share my favourite Disney memories from my previous trips.
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The Ideal Home Show 2018 – My Experience

Since we moved house in December and plan to entirely renovate/redecorate our house, I thought that it was a great time to visit The Ideal Home Show for the first time. I wasn’t sure quite what to expect but since it is linked to the Ideal Home Magazine which I buy to browse for ideas, I thought it would be similar. I had in mind – room sets, furnishings, wallpaper, paint suppliers, bifold doors, bathroom tiles, log burners, lighting, internal doors… Basically everything you may find in a house magazine.
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2018 Travel Bucket List

Travel Bucket List Magic Kingdom Castle

Yes, I know that traditionally bucket list posts appear in January but we were still busy thinking about our travel plans for the next couple of years so we are a little late to the party.



The sunshine state wasn’t even on our travel agenda for 2018 until a couple of weeks ago. We realised that we want to take J to Disney World before he turns 5 and that we already have ideas for next year which wouldn’t give us time to fit a trip to the Magic Kingdom in so we bumped it up to the top of 2018’s travel bucket list!

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J’s Christmas Reads: GIVEAWAY James and the Birthday Balloon

James and the Birthday Balloon front cover. James with blonde hair and blue t-shirt and Ruby with red hair and a purple top holding big balloons in a garden with a table and a birthday cake and a present in the background. Ruby has a red balloon, James' is blue.

J loves books, but he hates chocolate, so it makes perfect sense to give him a book advent calendar instead. Some of the books I have chosen are ones which we already own, some will be borrowed from the library and some will be new but we will read a new one each day and call them our special Christmas books. Although many of the books will have a Christmas theme, some will just have a nice message or lesson in them that we can talk about with J. I will blog about many of the books between now and Christmas so you have ideas for stories to read to your own children, or ideas for Christmas gifts for them or family and friends. Next in J’s Christmas Reads series, I have chosen the heartwarming, ‘James and the Birthday Balloon’ by Nicola J. Rowley. ‘James and the Birthday Balloon’ is not a Christmas themed book, but it sends beautiful and important messages about being a good friend, being kind and the importance of thinking about others, which is perfect for this time of year.

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