2016 Family Wishlist

There are so many everyday wonderful things to experience for the first time with J.  Below is our wishlist for this year.  There are also lots of things on our family bucket list, which I will share at a later date, but these activities are possible with J as a toddler.

My 2016 family wishlist

1. Go for a family bike ride.

2. Go for a family picnic.

We went for picnics last year but J doesnt eat yet (even though he is over a year old) so Im looking forward to a picnic with all of us enjoying the tasty treats.

3. Make iced biscuits.

This is one of my happy memories icing biscuits and decorating them before eating them all up.

4. Go on a train.

5. Sing Christmas carols together.

Of course this is me presuming that J will be able to talk well enough by the time he is 2, but even if it is an attempt!
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Winter blues and a spark of motivation

Winter wonderland - A snow lined avenue of trees
It is a sad truth but I am not at my best in winter. I am grumpy, I moan, I eat chocolate (I do this all year but I’m eating even more than usual) which means that I put on pounds.  It is an effort to go outside into the grey, damp and windy world of winter and I am full of sniffles.  I have a serious case of the winter blues!  Unfortunately, this is a yearly occurence but has been compounded this year by several factors:
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