Parent Christmas Gift Guide 2016

Adult Christmas Wrapped presents
I LOVE Christmas! It is my favourite day of the year (now tied with J’s birthday). I love all the build up… the lights, the shop windows, the advent calendars, the smell of roasted chestnuts, visiting Hamley’s, wondering around the garden centres Christmas sections, chocolate, advent calendars, Christingle, Christmas Carols… you get the idea! I LOVE it all! I have a lot of Christmas traditions which really help to get me in the spirit of Christmas, one of the first being looking through all the big shops Christmas Gift Guides for inspiration of the perfect present for family and friends. So as a blogger when I realised I could make my own and people (admittedly not many) would read it I got very excited! This guide is all about the little ones.


So what should you buy for your other half for Christmas?

What should be on your Christmas wishlist?

Here are my Parent Christmas Gift recommendations just for you…

 Cupcakes and a cup of tea decorated for Christmas




Parents Christmas Go Pro Session
 GoPro Session – Hubby wanted one for his birthday this year so his family and I clubbed together as they aren’t cheap. My only regret is not getting one sooner! This is a fabulous piece of technology.
There is no screen to look through which had put me off for a long time. Now I realise that was just silly. The wide angle captures the scene easily with a rough aim and the quality is fantastic! The GoPro Session is light and easy to hold, so much so that J regularly uses it to capture his own videos whilst on a hand held mount. We have already collected a wonderful set of memories for us to treasure forever.
Have a look at the GoPro to see the full range.


Parent Christmas UGG boots
UGG boots – If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that the local fox is key suspect for stealing one of my UGG boots! You can read more about that here. I was especially upset since my mum had bought them for me less than a year previously in Canada. However, I am pleased to say that she very kindly replaced them for me for my birthday. This was very welcome as I wear them all the time in the autumn and spring. They are just so cosy and comfy that I couldn’t imagine not having them now. The only downside is that I can’t wear them when it pours down or to go splashing in muddle puddles as they are not waterproof, but UGG do have some lovely leather boots too. Shop for them at UGG.


Canvasdesign portrait of J on SilverAda canvas
Canvas Print – Christmas is a time for traditions, sentiment and family for most people. What better way to celebrate this than with a photo gift? Whether you give a photo of your children to the grandparents or you buy one for your own walls, I have a 25% discount for readers of my blog if you purchase a Silver Ada canvas from Canvasdesign.
The Silver Ada is a silver, metallic canvas mainly intended for fine art that combines a blend of metallic, silver and pearly surface finishes. Canvasdesign recommend using the silver canvas for black and white wedding photography, people and pet portraits.
You can read my review and find the discount code here.


Blogging diary – I don’t know about you but my life is pretty hectic! Juggling family life, plus two jobs and blogging commitments means that sometimes my head can’t cope. Having a blogging diary sounds like a great way for me to keep on top of everything and ensure I don’t miss a deadline! There are some great ones out there so really the only question is which one to choose? Recommendations in comments please!


Pandora bracelet with blue and silver charms


Pandora charm – For my 1st Mother’s Day, J very thoughtfully gifted me a beautiful Pandora bracelet with a pram charm which I love. Since then I have done a pretty good job of collecting charms, but there is just so much choice. I love the fact that it is a personal gift that can be treasured. A great gift to give your partner, mum, sister or even get the children to give to someone special. The festive charm collection is beautiful and I have my eye on the new winter collection, the heart shaped frosted snowflake charm and the snowman. View the full range at Pandora.

Parents Christmas Heart shaped snowflake Pandora charm


Daisy 1st Aid course – I attended a Daisy first aid course that focussed specifically on infants and young children, when J was just a couple of months old. He came too! I had really wanted to do a baby first aid course before he arrived but with work and buying baby bits I ran out of time. When he arrived, I still really wanted to do one but didn’t know how to fit it in with childcare. However, Daisy First Aid courses let you take your baby’s along to classes as long as they are under 12 months. In the class you learn about baby CPR and choking as well as other key techniques. It is a friendly environment and I highly recommend it. Either ask someone to buy a class for you or buy a class for a friend and go together.


What greater gift can you give than knowing how to save a life?


Daisy First Aid Logo


Adopt a … – My hubby adopted a dolphin for me for my birthday. This was really special as we had been to see the dolphins playing and feeding in the sea while we were on holiday in Scotland and I was so excited! To adopt one of those dolphins really meant something to me. There are plenty of adoption schemes running to support animal conservation, or to support children in developing countries. A great gift that will benefit others and make both you and the recipient feel really good. If you’d like to adopt a dolphin click here.


Parent Christmas a dolphin jumping out of the sea with a splash of water below


City break – Paris, Bristol, Munich… where would you or your loved one like to explore? Take the children? Have a romantic weekend for 2? Visit with family/friends? Whatever you choose, a city break is a great opportunity to refresh and revitalise with culture, sports, shopping, restaurants and a change of scenery.
Hubby took me to Paris for my 30th and it is so easy to get there on the Eurostar or by plane. A couple of hours of travelling and you are in the city of Romance watching the sunset from the Eiffel Tower or enjoying a show at the Moulin Rouge. We visited Munich a few years ago and I was surprised by how little I had heard about this fabulous city and beautiful Bavaria with it’s castles and mountains. Munich is a great base for a ski/city combination break. Bristol has some fantastic attractions for children (J adored the zoo and the science museum is fabulous for toddlers and older children). The Cliffton Suspension Bridge is a great morning/afternoon just outside the city and Bristol is my favourite place to shop.


Where would you like to visit?


Mini Eiffel Tower on a map of France by Paris


Dates – Christmas 2012, my husband chose 12 dates for me and presented them in envelopes (one to be opened at the start of each month). I loved it so much that I did the same for him the following year in a different format. Our dates included an evening star gazing, a trip to Stonehenge, a day out at Bath Christmas market, an at home movie night and a week away in Cornwall. The options are endless…
This is a fantastic way to make sure you put aside some quality time together, which as parents can be hard to find. So book in your babysitters for 1 night a month for the next year and get planning! Single? No need to be left out of the fun, why not make this as your gift for a good friend and spend some quality girlie time together?


What will you choose to do?


Lady wearing a santa hat opening a present sat on sofa with fireplace and Christmas lights in the background


I hope you have been inspired to buy some great gifts this year.



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