House Hunting: With a Toddler!

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So now that the house has sold and I know what I am looking for we can get out and start looking at potential future houses. House hunting is fun! I am nosey, so looking at someone’s home is interesting for me. I love to see how they have arranged their furniture, what kitchen they have, the layout of their home, how the garden has been designed. It gives me inspiration for the future. However, when you are looking for your own future home it can also be rather stressful and frustrating as you are so keen to find something you like, that matches my mummy criteria and is in budget. Plus this time around I have am house hunting with a toddler in tow!



I wasn’t really sure what to expect with house hunting with a toddler… would J be bored stiff and throw a tantrum in the middle of the kitchen? Would he try and play with other children’s toys? Would he be really shy and allow me to carry him quietly around the house so I could get a proper look?


Well I wasn’t expecting the third option so I decided to take my mum with me for reinforcements, distraction and potentially to take J to the park around the corner while I look at the house option.


As it turned out, J LOVES┬áto explore houses and in particular their gardens. He gets so excited! This means that I don’t have to worry about taking him to viewings because of him getting bored or whiny (both completely understandable reactions for a child who is made to go house hunting) which is a huge advantage as I can book viewings in on any day of the week and just take him with me.


house hunting with a toddler photo of a long green lawn with trees and shrubs bordering.


It isn’t completely straight forward though…


I do have to worry about him trying to empty other children’s toys from their neatly packed away storage spaces. I also have to worry about him eating someone else’s dog’s ball. (This was not so pleasant and I had only looked away for a second!) I also have to worry about him tripping on the stairs he is trying to race up and down while I am trying to actually look at the rooms in the house – bungalows have a definite advantage. And in one rather embarrassing case, whilst I took my eye off him for 1 second to glance at an airing cupboard, I had to worry about throwing myself across the room as he tried to open a drawer of a cupboard which then started to fall on top of him!


Image result for drawers falling over


So house hunting with a toddler? Yes I can do it, but no it isn’t always easy.


The worst scenario is when you have the owners still in the property. The reason being that I am so on hotcakes trying to ensure he doesn’t touch something that he shouldn’t that I can’t actually focus on the house at all.


The best scenario is when the property is empty (which we have actually had for the majority of properties we have looked at). This is then great as I can relax knowing that J is not going to accidentally break anything and J can run around in his new play park with great smiles and enjoyment. The estate agents think he is cute and it wears him out. Bonus all round!


Gardens are a definite bonus most of the time (not so much when they are full on concrete steps and edges though). J can happily run around in them and I can see if they are big enough to wear him out (sadly we can’t afford a 20 acre farm so none of them actually are big enough).


We are still looking for our next home. Do you have any advice for house hunting with a toddler? Have you got any stories of your own experiences of house hunting with a toddler?




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  1. I love house hunting as I love a good nose! We moved house last Christmas and my girls were 2 and 4 years old. They loved looking around just as much as I did. choosing which bedroom they would want! Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  2. Thankfully we bought our current house pre-children when I was 3 months pregnant so didn’t have to worry! I can see the difficulty – I can just picture my son running riot around people’s houses. The temptation to empty the toy box must be huge! In fact, when we moved when I was little, I don’t remember being shown the houses until it was already decided we were moving there – now I know why! Best of luck with your move. Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  3. Our kids were 6mths & 4yrs when we were looking for a new house. We did most of our house searching when the 4yo was at nursery and the baby just slept. When we finally found a house that we liked, we took the 4yo and she loved it too (particularly the large sandpit at the bottom of the garden). However, the sale fell through and 4yo was devastated (because she wanted the sandpit) so when finally moved house, we bought her a big sandpit which was magically at the bottom of our new garden ready for her! #sharingthebloglove

  4. Uh we house hunted with a toddle tthis year and it was pretty hard going. Required my husband to restrain her from running off a lot of the time. Our sale fell through and so we will now be looking again next year… with a 3 yr old and baby! Awesome!! #SharingtheBlogLove

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