Winter blues and a spark of motivation

Winter wonderland - A snow lined avenue of trees
It is a sad truth but I am not at my best in winter. I am grumpy, I moan, I eat chocolate (I do this all year but I’m eating even more than usual) which means that I put on pounds.  It is an effort to go outside into the grey, damp and windy world of winter and I am full of sniffles.  I have a serious case of the winter blues!  Unfortunately, this is a yearly occurence but has been compounded this year by several factors:

  • My wonderful little man is poorly and has been for over 2 weeks so we have had lots of time inside.  I love spending time with him but not being able to leave the house at least once a day makes me feel frustrated at the best of times – even worse in winter when the weather is equally miserable.  Also I feel guilty for not doing more exciting activities with him but he just wants cuddles, to watch TV and to read books.  In his poorly state he is not up to much else – poor thing.
  • My lovely sister in law lives in Western Australia and keeps posting gorgeous pics of beaches, blue skies and dolphins. This makes me feel very jealous as I look out of the window to see the winter grey merge of clouds.
  • One of my aims for 2016 is to be able to run after J all year with his Duracell bunny energy levels, so I decided that if I trained to run a 5K surely I would be fit enough (until I realised that I run really slowly so this will take me quite a long time!!)  This is making me feel bad as I have only managed 3 runs with the rain, a poorly baby and a cold myself so I am not feeling healthy mentally or physically.
Since January has now past us by surely it is time for me to drag myself off the floor, give myself a talking to and a large dose of motivation?  So I have decided that I will stop moaning, get out of the house for a walk or a run everyday (unless it is torrential rain – I really am not a fan!) to ensure that I build up my fitness and lose the baby fat that has been hanging around far too long.  To give me extra motivation I am going to blog about my efforts.  Feel inspired?  Why don’t you join me?  I am going to be training with the Guardian Learn to Run 8 week podcast.
The teacher in me has decided that I am going to plan out some activities for James.  Nothing too prescriptive, just ideas so that I can ensure that I have the resources ready when I need them and ensure that he is kept away from the TV that we have watched far too much of in the last 3 weeks!  I’ll keep you up to date about what we’ve been up to in Adventures at home.
Wish me luck (I’m going to need it) and check in to see how I am getting on.

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