Toddler Talk: The World According to J at Two and Three Quarters

Since I last wrote on my blog 11 months ago, J has grown considerably. Therefore, I thought it only fair to update you on what life is like according to J at two and three quarters. It is fair to say that it is mostly wonderful, but there has been a definite increase in toddler frustration and no’s since we last caught up!


“Sunshine makes me happy mummy.” This is a phrase that J utters quite frequently and I definitely feel that I am to blame for this one. I hate rain and cold and wind and adore blue skies and sunshine and clearly I am passing this lesson onto my son.

“Me don’t want it/to!” This is a phrase that started several months ago and with rapid speed became one of J’s most used phrases. No you don’t want to get dressed, go to nursery, leave the house, stay in, get in the car, get out of the car, eat, not eat, sit on the potty, have your nappy changed, get in the bath, get out the bath etc. I was not prepared for this one when it hit but to be fair I am now so used to it I hardly notice it!


“I love you.” J said this to me for the first time all by himself the other day. It melted my heart.


Me and J sat inside a den in the woods earlier this year. He is looking at me. We are both laughing.


“Me go nana’s house now.” Mostly I love that J adores his nana so much and would happily spend lots of time with her, but he has just started to use it when he can’t get his own way at home and I feel that it will become a phrase that I will be biting my tongue at soon! I remember saying it to my mum up until a much older age and I now sincerely regret that. Not because I didn’t love going to visit my grandparents – they were all awesome – but because it does hurt just a little!


“Higher mummy, higher!” J went off the swing all last summer but this year it is very much in favour again and the higher he can swing the better. This is not so nice for my arms which ache after a visit to the park now, but J has the most incredibly free and uncontrolled laugh when he is this happy and it is incredibly infectious so park time is a very happy occasion.


“Me ride bike now mummy?” Hubby and I are over the mood at this one. J had a balance bike for his 1st birthday (it was for 1 year olds) as he already loved to run before then but he was scared of it. We tried again at 2 and it was quickly put to one side again. At 2 and a half J started to show more of an interest in it, but his legs were too long now so we bought a £10 second hand one from Gumtree and again he didn’t like it. Then hubby was given one for free by a kind colleague. He bought it home, J got on it and now we can’t get him off! He is so fast I have to run to keep up with him. He loves it so much – so wonderful!


J riding his white balance bike with green wheel spokes. Wearing a blue helmet. Side on shot


“No, no no!” One no is quite simply not enough… ever! J only ever uses at least 3 no’s when expressing himself. I feel like we have entered Vicar of Dibley reruns.


“… is my best friend.” J learnt about best friends through watching Thomas the Tank Engine. Thomas and Percy are best friends he came out with one day. He was playing at nana’s house with his train set and in his play Thomas and Percy were best friends too. Since then J has had various best friends. These tend to be nana, Orion (the puppy), Mousey (his favourite toy), H (a friend from nursery who I’m not entirely sure he actually plays with) and T (one of my closest friend’s sons) who he plays with (and argues with) regularly. Still it is so cute!


J sitting on floor holding reindeer antler for Orion (black lab with red and white collar)


“My…” EVERYTHING! Absolutely everything is owned by J according to him. “My mummy.”; “My Orion.”; “My house.”; “My car.”; “My plane.”


“No, not quite yet.” J works on his own schedule. Usually if he is playing then he doesn’t want to do anything else quite yet. This can be very frustrating when trying to get out of the house!


“No, not today.” This one has been used a lot in the last week as we attempted toilet training. He was not keen to use the toilet as you can see. This can often be used with shall we go out now or would you like something to eat.


“Me play now.” It is all about play at 2 and 3/4. From the second he wakes up to when he is in bed he wants to be playing. Everything else simply gets in the way and stops him from playing. J plays very creatively and loves to make up stories, often copying story lines from books or TV programmes, or ideas that we have introduced to him. (I am still partially regretting the race track story line I came up with on a beach 2 weeks ago as all he wants to do is play races… all day long!)


J wearing shorts and t-shirt on the beach crouching sideways looking at a black car on the sand racetrack I built him. He is holding a white car ready to race.


“Play with me mummy.” Initially this would give the impression that I ignore my son. I do not. I spend pretty much all of my time playing with him. However, if I dare to look away or try to sit on the sofa within seconds this is the phrase that is instantly spoken. Often I am not allowed to actually play but have to sit next to J watching him play because I don’t follow the story line plan that he has in his head and can’t verbalise to me.


“Biscuits mummy?” This is J’s favourite food. I blame myself as I love them too and they were definitely consumed happily during pregnancy. J would live on milk and biscuits if he could (with the odd packet of crisps and an apple a day thrown in).


“Yuck!” – This is the most common “I am not eating that”/”What is this that has invaded my plate?” phrase. Considering J eats very little anyway this is a quite commonly uttered phrase. Sometimes his accepted foods also get a “Yuck.” Usually this is when he wants biscuits and nothing else thank you very much.


“Buy it now mummy.” Yes, this is a statement not a question. Yes, this is uttered every time that J sees something he wants – books at the back of books we own, toys he likes at other people’s houses, toys on the shelves at the supermarkets (they are just mean putting them not he ends of aisles), anything everywhere! We have had a spate of birthdays (not J’s) recently which has led to J wanting presents regularly. This year I will certainly not be taking him with me when I do the Christmas and birthday shopping! This Thomas jungle track below was a gift for J from nana using his pocket money that she collects for him.


J in a red t-shirt sat on marble floor playing with Thomas the Tank Engine Jungle Playset.


“Look daddy a rocket plane!” J loves anything that moves – animals, cars, trains and planes in particular. Planes are his big thing at the moment having just been on two and having been to an air show at the end of August. Rocket planes are the Red Arrows. Any plane vapour in the sky is sign of a rocket plane. Since we live near an airport there are quite a lot of them.

J wearing a red t-shirt and stripy blue and grey shorts, a blue hat with coloured crocodiles on and blue sunglasses. He is looking up to the sky for rocket planes.


What phrases are most common in your household at the moment? What is your child talking about most? Are there lots of no’s in your life too?





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  1. Haha I love this. Our littlest little is just 3 and a lot of these are familiar in our house too plus his fave: “Me do it by mine self!” Love your Vicar of Dibley analogy. That one will stick in my mind throughout my little’s “no no nos” now too! Thanks for linking to #DreamTeam x

    1. I love it when they say something that doesn’t quite make sense because they can’t say it properly yet! Mine self is so cute!

  2. what a gorgeous post and a true reflection of children at this stage. Brings back so many memories. It is so sweet when they say I love You! And of course everything is theres, but I do love that sunshine makes him happy! Thank you for linking up #ablogginggoodtime

  3. Ah it’s so nice when they start stringing sentences together and saying things, it’s also great to have you back in the blogging world. Thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

    1. his aunt says it to him when tickling his tummy and he finds it so fun to say… yesterday he randomly started saying “guys” and when i asked him to repeat it to Hubby he goes “oh no” hahaha kids are so funny! #sharingthebloglove

    1. Oh so many wonderful things to come for you. I absolutely love this age, well to be honest every age is fun, but now that J can talk it is amazing!

  4. Gorgeous post! That first “I love you” is so special, isn’t it? And the buy now phrase is one I get a lot, although for us it’s ‘pay now’. In fact, recently, I was outside a shop feeding my baby while my 3 year old was inside with a friend – he emerged holding a book which apparently he’d thrust into her hand and demanded ‘Pay now!’, which she dutifully did! Despite all the frustrations, when they’re lovely I think it’s such a wonderful age. Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

    1. Ha ha ha!! That is hilarious! I bet your friend was slightly flabbergasted which served to his advantage! I’m glad it isn’t just J 🙂 I agree, there are definite challenges of pushing the boundaries etc. but on the whole I just love this age. Especially now that J’s speech is really improving as having a little conversation with him is absolutely delightful.

  5. He really has grown lots and it’s so nice to have you back 🙂 I think at the moment we hear mostly what I call ‘bathroom words’. Both my kids think it’s hilarious even though it’s really quite frustrating… Thank you for sharing with #StayClassyMama and hope to see you back again soon xx

  6. Aaaw I love this age! It’s so cute. My youngest is just a few months older than yours. I totally know what you mean about it melting your heart when they say “I love you.” It’s really special. and I agree – sunshine makes me happy too! #stayclassymama

  7. That moment they say “I Love you’ unprompted is an amazing feeling and right up there as my mummy highlights! My Holly is always coming out with really cute phases and I just want to bottle her at the moment, its an adorable age. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

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