Personalised Fantastical Lapland Letters: A Review

Image shows what came inside the Fantastical Lapland Letter envelope. There is a personalised letter and the magical extras as discussed in the review.

Writing a letter to Santa is a magical experience – having the opportunity to connect with the Big Man himself; thinking about Santa sitting at his desk reading your letter and talking about it with his elves; wondering if he will be able to bring the gift requested… but what if Santa writes back?


With a personalised fantastical Lapland letter, your child can receive their very own letter written by Santa which is bound to ensure a magical moment and provides excellent parental opportunities to remind your child to be extra good this year.


When J’s personalised fantastical Lapland letter popped through the letter box he was so excited. He is always wishing for letters to arrive for him (which of course in this day and age rarely happens) so to have any letter arrive for him causes great excitement, but to have a letter with a Santa stamp on it meant shrieks of joy and running around the room before he was able to open the letter.


stamp on Lapland letter with a picture of Santa, 25th written at top left and Lapland Letters written in white near the bottom.



Personalised Fantastical Lapland Letter

The personalised fantastical Lapland letter inside the envelope was absolutely perfect. The sender can choose from 4 different letter templates: Christmas is Coming; The Test Flight; Good Child List; Babies First Christmas. We chose the Christmas is Coming letter template (as pictured below) and then personalised it with J’s name, address, preferred Christmas gift, best friends name and even a personalised message (photo below letter template).



Personalised message on lapland letter about Santa seeing Mickey Mouse the other day and he told Santa that J behaved on his holiday to Mickey's castle earlier this year.


I thought that the Lapland letters were well written and gave a suitable degree of personalisation and variety to ensure that children with more than one child could get different letters and that the Lapland letters were relevant enough to the child reading them in their degree of personalisation to make them magical. J certainly loved his Lapland letter and so did I.



Santa’s Secret Map

The most basic package available to buy includes a personalised letter, an exclusive stamped Lapland envelope, free delivery to the UK or world wide and a copy of Santa’s Secret map all for £5.95. Since J adores maps this was guaranteed to be a huge hit with him and he was more interested in the map than the letter when he first opened the envelope.


A secret Santa route map that shows which way Santa travels on his sleigh around the world to deliver presents on Christmas Eve.


This beautifully presented map is on the reverse side of the Lapland Santa letter. It shows the routes which Santa flies on his sleigh to deliver presents on Christmas Eve. J found this fascinating and loved looking at how far Santa had to travel to deliver presents to his cousins in Australia.



Santa Bumper Activity Pack

For an additional £2.95, your child can also receive the Santa Bumper Activity Pack in the envelope with their Lapland letter. This pack includes a Santa Stop Here poster, a card which can be coloured in, a word search and, if you buy early enough, a Good Child Certificate and Lapland Wishing Stars activity sheet.


Santa Stop Here poster


Christmas card that can be coloured in and sent.


Christmas Door Hanger to colour


Christmas Word Search



Lapland Wishing star activity allows your child to write 2 wishes on their stars


Good child certificate personalised with child's name on it and a good child checklist on the back.



For a young child the activity bundle may be less relevant. J can’t do the word search very easily, wishes are completely lost on him and his colouring has a unique style which tends to hide the original picture in black. For an older child, however, I love this additional activity pack and think it is fab and will be very useful on a rainy day.



Reindeer Food

I love the option to buy some magical reindeer food that comes from Santa himself, however, I would like the reassurance on the packet that it is using glitter which is biodegradable. At £3.95 it is quite a pricey additional extra which can easily be made at home, but I do love the idea of it including Lapland magical moon dust which will sparkle and shimmer to ensure that the reindeer are guided to your home.


Lapland Reindeer Food with magical moon dust in a little packet.



Would I buy a Lapland Santa Letter?

J absolutely loved his letter from Santa and I would definitely buy one from Lapland Letters again. I love the quality of the products, the beautiful design and the well written letter. Next year, I think that J would be old enough to enjoy the activity pack so I would absolutely buy that too. I definitely think that these products offer value for money.


The only product I would be hesitant to purchase would be the Reindeer food as I would rather make it myself and I do not think it is worth £3.95, but for a one off treat the magic of it being sent from Santa himself does make it extra special.


Fantastical Santa Lapland Letter pin


*I received this product in return for writing a review. All opinions are honest and are my own view.


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