Best Educational Christmas Gift Guide for 3-8 Year Olds

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I love Christmas! One of my favourite things about this time of year is being able to thank those around me by buying them presents which I know they will love. I have always put a lot of thought into what I choose to gift people. Now that we have J, I have to be even more organised because his birthday is in December. I have to find the best presents to last him for the next 12 months and therefore I do a lot of research so that I get it right. I love to try to find a balance of gifts for him. I aim to have something that he would choose; something to wear; a book; a game; something educational; something to make or create; something to encourage being active; something to treasure forever.


When I started to search for the perfect educational gift I realised just how many amazing products there are on the market for kids so I created this ‘Educational Christmas Gift Guide for 3-8 year olds’ to show you what I think are the BEST educational products available this year. Every single one of these educational Christmas presents I either have already, or I will be buying them for J this year.


BrainBox Under the Sea*


BrainBox Under the Sea game in a box


BrainBox have a fabulous range of educational products which make perfect Christmas gifts. I had a shortlist of about 8 products to choose between for J alone and then I have several other children I would like to buy different BrainBox products for too.


Eventually, I chose the Under the Sea BrainBox game for J, which costs £11.99. J loves all animals, but he knows less about sea creatures compared to those on land so I thought this would be a great way to spark his interest and for him to learn more about life beneath the waves. The Under the Sea BrainBox is a 10 minute brain challenge game suitable for children aged 4+. The object of the game is to study a card for 10 seconds and then answer a question based on the roll of a die. This will work wonders to develop J’s observational skills and improve his memory.


BrainBox don’t just make the 10 minute brain challenge games though, they also have story cards, travel games, spot the difference games, jigsaws, BrainBox Bounce, BrainBox My First (which are aimed at KS1 learning for maths and science) and BrainBox Firsts (which are great for teaching preschoolers about animals, numbers, the alphabet and colours).


The website allows you to search for a product based on age (3-6 and 7+) which helps if you need inspiration. Not only do BrainBox create amazing educational products they also make and package all their games using at least 70% recyclable materials which is so important to modern consumers. I am currently trying to decide between the Once Upon a Time and Roald Dahl BrainBox games for my Goddaughter as I know that she will love them!




GeoSafari My First Microscope


Picture of a chunky colourful kids microscope with a shell under focus.


What a fabulous scientific educational Christmas gift for kids! I love this GeoSafari Jr My First Microscope by Learning Resources and the endless potential of exploration that accompanies it. I can just imagine J and I taking this with us on our adventures to examine objects in detail, or collecting items to bring home to study up close.


The GeoSafari Jr My First Microscope was designed by a scientist who is a mother to two young children and costs £19.80. It is perfect for younger children because the two large eyepieces eliminate the complication of having to close one eye when viewing objects through a microscope. This fun microscope also features an LED light to make small objects even clearer and a chunky focus adjuster ensures that objects appear the right way up and are left-right corrected. The 8x zoom allows children to explore their treasures for close up learning.


The GeoSafari Jr My First Microscope is definitely going on J’s gift list. He will love this educational Christmas present! It will not only teach him to use scientific tools, it will also help his observation skills, his big thinking skills and it will provide us with happy memories as we hunt for objects and explore them together.




Willow & Wild Subscription Box*

xmas letterbox cut out without extra boxes


The awesome Willow and Wild Box is a monthly subscription box for 3 – 8 year olds, packed full of gardening, craft, cooking and outdoor activities, delivered straight to your door. Every box is inspired by nature, with the aim of getting children exploring the outdoors and learning about how things grow, the changing seasons, healthy eating, and animal/plant life-cycles.


Willow and Wild offer two types of subscriptions: ‘Letterbox’ subscription and ‘Bumper Box’. Their boxes include at least 2 craft projects, vegetable and flower seeds with step by step planting & growing instructions, outdoor activity & inspiration guides, recipe card and much more! If you don’t have a garden, that’s no issue! All the seeds can also be grown in containers, on a windowsill. The Willow and Wild bumper boxes include a selection of extras, so perfect for those who don’t have pots, compost etc available.


Currently there are some Willow and Wild special Christmas 3 and 6 month gift subscriptions priced at £30 for 3 months and £50 for 6 months. They can be purchased up until 14th December for Christmas delivery. Both of these special offers will have the delight of receiving a special bumper January box delivered in time for Christmas with the following amazing items included:

  • Drawstring backpack
  • Little Sunflowers book
  • Propagator
  • Garden tool
  • Gardening gloves
  • Bio degradable plant pots
  • Coloured plant pots
  • Vegetable & Flower Seeds
  • Laminated planting & cooking guides
  • Craft materials for a least 2 crafts
  • Activity booklet
  • Compost
  • Plant markers


3 Month Subscription

Willow and Wild educational Christmas 3 month subscription box contents



6 Month Subscription

Willow and Wild 6 month educational Christmas gift contents


J has been lucky enough to receive his very own Willow and Wild box and he is loving completing the activities within it. He is currently growing some pansies, learning about hibernation and he will be making a leaf lantern this week. I love being able to encourage learning about nature even in the wetter, colder months of the year. We are also inspiring J to love and care about nature and animals which will hopefully continue through in his mindset as he grows. The Willow and Wild box makes a great educational Christmas gift for children which keeps on giving.




OKIDO Children’s Magazine*


OKIDO magazine subscription bundle for an educational Christmas gift.


OKIDO is the fabulous kids science and art magazine aimed at 3-7 year olds which was created by parents and designed to fire up young imaginations and spark a life-long love of art and science. It was created to be gender neutral so avoids any stereotypes and to encourage every child to be a creative scientist. Everything in the OKIDO world is designed by science and education experts to encourage collaboration, curiosity, exploration, discovery, creativity and critical thinking.


The monthly educational magazine is filled with pages of stories, regular characters, doodles, poems, games, experiments, a pull-out centrefold activity and a recipe that the family can make together. Each month has a theme and all of the stories, information and activities are focused around this topic.


J has been lucky enough to enjoy reading the OKIDO magazine and he has loved reading the stories, making the crafts and completing the activities. For me, this magazine is a breath of fresh air compared to most of the alternative children’s magazines stocked in the supermarkets. The first thing to really strike me was the quality of the content. It certainly feels like I am getting so much value for my money with OKIDO.


On top of the enjoyable and educational activities, the magazine is printed on FSC paper using biodegradable vegetable inks which not only makes the magazine really lovely to hold but it is also great for the environment. With all this to enjoy, OKIDO makes the perfect educational Christmas gift for all children and we will definitely be signing up for more. I know that J and I will love to continue to read this magazine together over the coming months.


You can subscribe to the OKIDO magazine for just £30 for 6 months or a very reasonable £50 for 12 months. There is currently a special Christmas offer if you subscribe now (order by 19th December from the UK to receive the subscription package before Christmas) which includes:

  • A Let’s Explore with Messy Sticker Book worth £5.95.
  • A personalised Messy Monster Christmas card (add your own message in the order notes at checkout).
  • A bumper edition of the magazine.
  • Christmas packaging with a ‘do not open until 25th December’ stamp on it.




VTech KiddiZoom Duo Camera


vtech kiddizoom duo camera a great educational Christmas gift for children


The Kiddizoom Duo has a 5 megapixel dual lens camera with a 4x digital zoom and a 2.4″ LCD colour screen and is priced at just under £40. Your child can take photos and record videos on it and it even has a voice recorder. Using the Kiddizoom Duo will enhance your child’s fine motor skills as they have to learn to hold the camera while pressing a variety of buttons to suit their task. Children can easily switch between the front and back camera and they can add frames, funny effects and stamps to their images and they can play games on the camera.


My mum bought J a VTech Kiddizoom Duo camera for his 3rd birthday and it is a fabulous product to buy for children aged 3-9. Learning how to use technology is an essential skill in our modern world so why not start them young by teaching children how to take photos. This is a great tool on which to begin their educational journey into technology as kids can use the Kiddizoom Duo to be artistically creative; to record memories and learn to present the images in a diary or scrap book; to create a recipe book; to observe the world around them and record their findings.


J loves to take photos around the house and out and about on walks and the robust VTech Kiddizoom Duo is a great camera to learn with. I look forward to being able to teach J some composition skills this year so that his photos are increasingly accurate and I can’t wait until he is old enough that I can my SLR out at the same time and we can share a hobby that I love.






magformers box


J loves to construct and my mum wanted to have some new toys at her house but she wanted something that was educational, long lasting and creative. We were recommended the Magformers STEM toy range by a family friend who is a childminder and they have been a huge success. My mum purchased a cars set and a starter set and J absolutely loves them. Magformers often the first thing he plays with when he visits my mum and he loves to be creative and builds a wide variety of items. Unlike a previous magnetic construction set my mum had purchased (and returned) the Magformers are strong and hold together well making it easy for J to play with.


The Magformers are a fabulous educational Christmas gift because they help children with maths as well as design. Among many other skills using Magformers helps children learn to:

  • Identify 2D and 3D shapes and their properties.
  • Explore magnets and forces.
  • Create 2D nets.
  • Discover reflection and mirroring.
  • Evaluate design considering what works well and what doesn’t.
  • Explore the relationship between a range of 2D and 3D shapes.
  • Develop observational skills and analytical thinking.


I hope that these fabulous educational Christmas gifts help to inspire you as you are looking for the perfect gift for your child. Let me know which educational products you can’t wait to buy for your kids.


I was gifted the products marked with a * to include in my educational Christmas gift guide. I approached these companies because they were products which I was interested in learning more about and J and I have loved each one of them.


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Best Educational Christmas Gifts for Kids aged 3-8


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  1. My little man has autism so I’ve been thinking about getting him a Kiddi camera & hopefully might be able to start seeing things through his eyes. Some fab ideas there, I like the subscription idea too

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