AWJ in May: Florida, Sunshine and Bank Holiday Weekend

J playing on the beach in his swimwear with the sea in the background

This month is going to be hard to beat this year as it has been absolutely fabulous! We came out of a very long wet and cold winter to start May on a major high with a trip to Florida. We spent the majority of our holiday at the Disney Parks, but we did venture out to see some alligators in the wild, to visit the white sands of Siesta Key and to Cocoa Beach on the Atlantic Coast to try to see a space launch.


May holiday to Disney Magic Kingdom Castle

Our trip to Disney was much needed. We had stayed in Europe for holidays with J up until now but I was desperate for a bigger holiday somewhere different and a trip to Florida certainly met that need. I was a little nervous about how J would cope with the flight and after 2 and a half hours he asked to get off, so it made the flight seem even longer, but once we were there we had the best time. Magic Kingdom was one of J’s favourite Disney parks. You can read all about our adventures at the Disney Magic Kingdom park. J also loved seeing all the animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and going on a ‘safari’.

Disney It's a Small World hinterland section


We ventured away from the theme parks for a couple of day trips. The first day, we ventured into rural Florida to Myakka River State Park to visit some alligators in the wild and then headed to the beautiful white sandy beaches and turquoise seas of the Gulf Coast at Siesta Key near Sarasota.

me on Siesta Key beach

On the second of exploring, we headed to the Space Coast with the aim of seeing a space launch. It had been rearranged several times, but we were hopeful that today was going to be launch day. Sadly, it wasn’t to be and while we waited at Cocoa Beach with our cameras poised and ready the countdown computer aborted at 58 seconds to launch dashing our hopes. J still had fun playing on the beach though.

J playing while waiting for a rocket to launch.


In America I was able to enjoy far too many yummy treats, despite my allergies. I found some of my favourite ever chocolate, Ghirardelli, was available to buy in the supermarket and their dark chocolate and raspberry was delicious. I also discovered Haagen-Dazs’ dairy free range (in fact the dairy free ice-cream options in the USA are amazing compared to here). I have to say that I rather over indulged in the ice-cream while I could. The Haagen-Dazs Chocolate Salted Fudge Truffle was so yummy that I ate three tubs in two weeks. Please bring it to the UK! Although maybe it would be better for my waistline and my purse if you didn’t…

dairy free Haagen-Dazs ice cream


Once we were home, we were delighted that summer had arrived and the sunshine and high temperatuJ riding his balance bike through sunny English woods with lush greeneryres were out in force. This has meant that we have enjoyed getting out and about over the last couple of weeks. We headed out last weekend to try and catch the bluebells, but we were too late as they had already gone over. However, we had a lovely family walk with J on his bike and then a trip to a sunny tea gardens where pup, Orion, hid under the picnic table in the shade.


Orion hiding under the picnic table in the shade


We have also had fun with friends in the garden, with the children playing with J’s car mat, farmyard and garden toys. J has also been out doing some much loved gardening. J enjoys using his wheelbarrow to transfer mud around the garden (along with the occasional weed or flower).


J sitting on a bench in the garden

We found a new park this month near our new house and J loved bouncing on the ground level trampolines as well as slaying dragons in the castle and spotting pirates from his boat.

J bouncing on a floor trampoline at the park


Since we spent so much time out and about we did some bug hunting. J loves all animals, including insects and he has no fear at all. We found spiders, centipedes, lots of these yellow slugs and hundreds of woodlice.

Bug hunting in May - turned over bark to find a yellow slug and some woodlouse


Our bank holiday BBQ was touch and go with the weather forecasting thunderstorms and heavy rain but they couldn’t have been more wrong! We had clear blue skies and the hottest temperatures in the country at a glorious 27 degrees. We told J that we were having a party and so he insisted we had a cake. He and I hurriedly made one while daddy set up the garden and told us that we were wasting our time as no one was going to eat our cake. Unsurprisingly to those who know best, the cake was almost gone before I got a piece!

Cake at a BBQ - genius or outrageous idea? Victoria sponge on a plate with butter icing in the middle and icing sugar on the top and around the edge of the plate


The next day, we headed to the beach for some play in the sand and a cool down in the sea. The temperature in our garden was scorching, but the cooler sea breezes made sitting out in the sun far pleasanter. As a treat, we caught the little land train to the beach which J loved!

J playing on the beach in his swimwear with the sea in the background

I hope you have had a lovely month too? What have you been up to? I’d love for you to tell me in the comments.

Join us next month to see photos of our adventures to Wales, our trip to the farm and hopefully more fun in the sun.









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  1. It’s certainly been beautiful weather hasn’t it! What and an amazing holiday Laura you’re so lucky to have got to do that. I laughed a bit that J wanted to get off plane after 2 hours!! ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

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