AWJ in June: Sunshine, Friends, Peppa Pig, Father’s Day and Football

J playing on the beach in his England t-shirt and shorts after watching the England vs Panama game in June

Although May was always going to be a tough month to beat after our holiday in Florida, June has been a great month too because the weather has delivered us a lovely sunny summer so far and we have had lots of exciting adventures. Actually, we have been lucky enough to have so many adventures that I am not sure how we fit it all in!


A Weekend in Wales

At the very start of the month, we drove across the Severn Bridge to visit friends in Wales. We had a lovely time catching up and playing. It was hot and sunny so we enjoyed play in the paddling pool, a walk to feed a horse, a BBQ, a picnic and some swimming.

J in a paddling pool in Wales in June


J on a home made go kart on our walk in Wales in June



Peppa Pig World

My mum is having a big operation this month and she wanted to take J to Peppa Pig World at Paulton’s Park before she is out of action for a good few months. The weather was supposed to be better than it was, but thankfully we were so busy having fun that we hardly noticed and it was only the splash park that J missed out on. J is at a perfect age to go on everything at Peppa Pig World, including the new rides, and some of the rides in Paulton’s Park too. We were there from 10 until 4 and the only reason we left was because J was so tired he looked like he may fall asleep standing up! He hasn’t stopped asking to go back since we left and I would love to take him again this year. This is my favourite photo of J on the new Peppa Pig boat ride. He loved the ride so much he laughed hard every time the boat bumped into the side.


J laughing really hard on the new boat ride at Peppa Pig World



Father’s Day

Father’s Day was a great day this year, although rather cold and chilly. We headed to a local farm park in Dorset for a fun day out and J loved all of the animal encounters, the soft play and the tractor ride. It was a great day to watch daddy and J bonding together.



J and daddy racing on the GoKarts at a local farm park on Father's Day.



The Football World Cup

Have you been watching the World Cup with your little ones? Hubby bought a wall chart and popped it up on the wall so that J can help him complete the scores every day. He also bought J an England t-shirt and shorts which J has loved wearing whenever England play. J has also been playing lots more football in the garden which has been great to watch.


J playing on the beach in his England t-shirt and shorts after watching the England vs Panama game in June


Food Therapy and Strawberry Picking

J has started his food therapy sessions in June, so we have been supporting these with focused food play. I thought it would be good for J to see where food comes from, so we headed out to the countryside to a pick your own fruit farm. Here we wondered the fields looking at the range of fruit growing on the trees and plants and then we picked some strawberries. J actually joined in and touched some fruit and enjoyed carrying his┬ábasket of strawberries back to the shop. He didn’t eat any of his fruit though which was a real shame as it was so delicious! I think we might have to head back next week to buy some more!


J's hands picking a strawberry in June


J holding a basket of strawberries in June



I hope that the weather in July holds and is still sunny for us all, although I will be spending a considerable amount of it indoors as we have 4 rooms to decorate in 6 weeks. Wish us good luck! Did you have a lovely June too? Tell me all about it in the comments. Have a great July!

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