A letter to J at three and a half

A letter to J at three and a half

Dear J



I can’t believe how quickly the past 6 months have past; you are already three and a half. So much has happened in those six months. We celebrated your birthday with friends and family at our old house and then only 1o days later we moved into our new home. That was quite an upheaval for you and even now, 6 months later, you continue to ask why we moved to our new home. You like it because you have a bigger bedroom and are closer to nana, but I still think that you find it strange not to go back to our old house. Only a couple of weeks ago, you asked me when we were moving back. I said that we weren’t and you said that was good as you like your new big house (it really isn’t very big). We are just in the design process of decorating your new bedroom. You have asked that the room be blue and green, your favourite colours. You have been adamant about that since we first moved in which has been really helpful, however, we are also looking at beds and you want almost all of the shortlist which is making it rather hard for us to choose. We want you to be happy and don’t want to get a bed you don’t like as we have only just got you sleeping! In fact, the first week after we moved in you slept through from bedtime until morning for 5 nights in a row. That was a first! I hope that you love your bedroom once it is finished.


Nanny came to visit you from Australia for Christmas. You were so excited to see her. I think that even though you hadn’t seen her for 18 months you remembered her which was lovely. She bought you a lovely Tractor Ted backpack and set of crockery and cutlery and some bath toys and you love using it all. We play schools and shopping and use the backpack to carry things in. You often talk about where she lives with people when they mention Australia and you can point to where she lives on a map.


At almost three and a half, you got to see snow for the first time in 2018. At first you were a little unsure; you are not a fan of the cold. However, when it snowed again a couple of weeks later you were really excited and we spend far more time playing in it. We built two snowmen, had snowball fights and went sledging, which you adored. We also bought the snow inside for playtime and you loved rescuing cars from the snow with your construction vehicles and Paw Patrol characters.

J at three and a half Snow Play - J Playing in the snow for the first time.


You are doing so well at nursery and are really happy there, even though you still get a little sad to say goodbye to mummy and daddy in the mornings. You have a wonderful key worker and a group of friends who you play with. You love to learn and enjoy doing educational activities; you are really good at numbers. You also love to care for the animals, especially the snails and you could spend all day in the garden watering the plants, washing the windows and building obstacle courses with crates and planks of wood. You can be quite a cautious child, but not when it comes to movement. You are so adventurous and you have almost perfect control of your body. When you first jumped from a crate higher than anyone else the nursery staff were really shocked, now they just let you carry on as you land so well each time and never hurt yourself.


You are so active; you never stop! You have mastered your balance bike and scooter and are so fast that I can no longer keep up with you – I think even daddy would struggle when running as you zoom along laughing; delighting at the speed. You have been watching the BMX bikers from the window at Nana’s house and you have started cycling as fast as you can down every slope we encounter. I am looking forward to you learning to ride a pedal bike with brakes! You are really growing in confidence in your swimming lessons although you still need mummy in the pool with you despite the fact that your ability means that you could attend classes on your own now. When mummy had to stand at the opposite end of the pool to you in our last lesson you swam your little socks off to get to me. You were almost a quarter length ahead of everyone else and your determination was fierce. You may as well have flippers. You dislike swimming under water though. I think it is that the sensory input is so different that it scares you. If you could master that then you would be away, but I think we will have to grow your skills with your head mostly above the water and that will work too as you will always find a way within your comfort zone. We have also started tennis lessons. You have been watching the people playing tennis from Nana’s window since you were tiny and have always been fascinated by the sport. You want to play bat and ball at home every day and we promised you last year that you could go to tennis lessons from Easter this year. We signed you up and you absolutely love it. You have got such a powerful swing and you are beginning to connect the movement of the ball to the movement of your arms and feet now so that you are hitting more accurately and frequently. I think this will be a great activity for you to develop as you get older.


At home you are car mad. It is all you want to play with. You have a car mat downstairs in the playroom and a car track upstairs in your bedroom. You have more cars than anyone we know, well over 100 and that doesn’t include the other vehicles in your collection. You could play with your cars all day and night, 7 days a week and still want more. To be honest, at times I find playing cars a little tedious and so I mix it up by adding in Playmobil or Duplo creations, the dollhouse and farm or even an entire play town. This is definitely your favourite game to play. I made you a masking tape road when it snowed and we had a Duplo nursery, train track and airport; a farm and dollhouse; a vets and post office; a garage and car wash. We even had a race track with stands for spectators. It was so much fun but I have to keep pulling it up much to your disappointment as Orion’s hair gets stuck in it and I need to hoover.

J's play town using masking tape to create roads and toys to create play segments.


We have recently returned from our amazing family holiday in America. You were not overly keen on the length of time on the plane and asked to get off after 2 and a half hours on the way over and only half an hour into the flight on the way home, but I’m not surprised since you are only three and a half. We had an absolutely amazing holiday though. We spent most of our time at Disney World and you loved meeting the characters and going on the rides. You adored the Kilimanjaro Safari because you love animals so much especially the crocodiles, lions and rhinos. You loved the water park Blizzard Beach and went on the biggest fastest slide that you could go on showing no fear and you played crazy golf for the first time. We also took you to see alligators in the wild because you have always been fascinated by crocodiles. You thought this was amazing.


J meeting Minnie Mouse at Magic Kingdom


Being three and a half isn’t always easy as you try to rationalise and understand the world around you and sometimes it all gets too much, but you are doing a fabulous job. You are very gentle and kind and you love to be helpful. I love to watch you as you learn through exploring and playing and asking endless questions. ‘Why?’ is definitely your most spoken word and I love this because it means that you are always learning and growing.


Love you darling,




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  1. Ah he’s such a lucky boy to have such a lovely holiday. I don’t blame him for wanting to get off it’s a long flight. Your play town never fails to amaze me. J is very lucky to have such a smart mummy like you! I failed miserably when I tried this for my mine! Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

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