Books for a 3 Year Old – What is J Reading?

A selection of J's favourite book for this month.
This month J turned 3 and a half. We are going through a stage where he is rather reluctant to read other than at bedtime so I have been looking for some new reading material to try to reignite his passion for reading. We have phases where we have to read endlessly and all of the books on the shelf are known word for word and then J decides he doesn’t want to read at all. I decided that some new books may be needed (even though we have an entire bookcase and another shelf worth of books for him) and have mixed these in with some classic favourites and we seem to have been able to do some post lunchtime reading on a few days.

Topsy and Tim go on an Aeroplane


Front cover of Topsy and Tim Go on an Aeroplane


I discovered a Topsy and Tim book at a car boot sale a couple of weeks ago. I believe there is a TV show but we have never seen it. I bought it because it was about going on an airplane and we were just home from our holiday so I thought J would enjoy linking the story to his own experiences. He loves it so much that last night he wanted it read three times! This one is a definite success. It is quite similar to our own experiences at Gatwick airport and J loves to ask lots of questions. There is also a map of Topsy and Tim’s village at the back of the book and since J loves maps this is a very popular addition and we can make up stories based on the map too.


Paw Patrol Books

Chase is on the Case Paw Patrol front cover


J was bought a little Paw Patrol book collection for his third birthday by one of our friends and he loves it! The books come in a little bag and that definitely adds to the excitement for J. His favourite story is ‘Chase is on the Case’ which is based on a Paw Patrol episode where Captain Turbot’s lighthouse light has broken, fog has filled the bay and Captain Turbot is stuck lost at sea. Meanwhile, a cruise ship is heading straight for the rocks just off of Seal Island. Can the Paw Patrol save the day? I think J loves this book because he really likes Chase and I do some silly voices while playing the captain speaking over the radio and now J does that part instead. He knows this book off by heart and will happily sit and read it to himself while I tidy his bedroom up. A must have for any Paw Patrol fan.


Hairy Maclary


Hairy Maclary front cover


J LOVES Hairy Maclary. He finds these books hilarious and asks mummy to tell him more funny stories. This book introduces the main character of the series, Hairy Maclary, and his doggy friends. They go on a walk through town getting up to mischief before meeting someone rather unexpected who scares them all back home. This is J’s favourite bit!


The Everywhere Bear

Books for 3 year olds: June


This is my new favourite bedtime read because it is a heartwarming story. A class bear is lost by a child who takes him home for the weekend and he goes on quite an adventure. J loves this book because he can pretend that the children in the pictures are his friends from nursery, so every time we read it he names each child. Each time he names them the same too, so something about the pictures must remind him of the real children. This makes life a little trickier for me though as I have to remember all the names and change the story to his nursery friends otherwise I get told off! This is more of a problem because the book rhymes! I recently read a blog post that suggested that the class bear may be more fun for the children and less so for the parents. Having read this book, I can see why!


The Octonaughts


J doesn’t watch this programme on TV but he has really enjoyed reading the stories that accompany the series. I have found these in the library so far and they seem to have a few which is great. Similar to the Paw Patrol books, these books are an adapted tale from an episode of the Octonaughts. They have been quite good for starting topics of learning as one story had a volcano in it so we went off to learn about volcanoes and look at live footage. This was his favourite story so far and featured the rescue of creatures from an underwater volcano which was about to erupt.


What is your three year old reading at the moment? What books do I need to introduce J to next?

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