Bluebell Woods: A sensory walk

Bluebells in the woods

I’ve always wanted to see bluebells in all their glory, but have always managed to miss them so this year I was determined to see them.  My mum is a member of the National Trust and there is a property about an hour from her home that has a bluebell woodland walk, so we intended to visit.  I however, didn’t really want to pay and was sure we could find somewhere to see bluebells for free, so I Googled best bluebell spots and it turned out there was one very close to the NT property.  This was definitely the right decision to make!

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Bournemouth Oceanarium: A Toddler Day Out


With the heavy rain and high wind forecast for Easter Sunday hubby and I stared at each other in trepidation.  It is not acceptable to stay in all day unless J is poorly.  He is so active that he simply must go out.  There are no exceptions to this rule; even if it means braving awful weather.  Thankfully, we discovered with great relief that the Bournemouth Oceanarium was one of the few things open on Easter Day and since we have a season ticket we planned a trip there for the afternoon.


Since J was little he has loved fish.  At only a couple of months old, he was sent to sleep by a combination of watching the fish swim around and the noise of a fish tank at my friend’s house and we often took him to a local aquatic shop just to have a peek.  His first visit to the Oceanarium was at only 4 months old for my niece’s birthday.  J was scared of the big fish and then fell asleep most of the way around, so not the most successful visit.     A couple of months later we had taken him again and he loved it so much that we bought a season ticket.

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Marwell Zoo: A Toddler Day Out

Our day


Although very excited, I was a little uncertain about taking J to Marwell Zoo last week as I thought he may be too young to really enjoy it.  When J was 7 months old hubby and I took him to Bristol Zoo, which was Meerkat at Marwell Zooperfect for little ones as it houses mainly smaller animals and they were nice and close and easy to see.  J loved the penguins, meerkats and reptiles and he enjoyed walking through the butterfly house.  Marwell Zoo is much bigger and spread out with big enclosures for the larger animals (which is how it should be).  I just wasn’t sure if he would get it…

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2016 Family Wishlist

There are so many everyday wonderful things to experience for the first time with J.  Below is our wishlist for this year.  There are also lots of things on our family bucket list, which I will share at a later date, but these activities are possible with J as a toddler.

My 2016 family wishlist

1. Go for a family bike ride.

2. Go for a family picnic.

We went for picnics last year but J doesnt eat yet (even though he is over a year old) so Im looking forward to a picnic with all of us enjoying the tasty treats.

3. Make iced biscuits.

This is one of my happy memories icing biscuits and decorating them before eating them all up.

4. Go on a train.

5. Sing Christmas carols together.

Of course this is me presuming that J will be able to talk well enough by the time he is 2, but even if it is an attempt!
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