Top 10 Disney World Character Meet and Greets

J meeting Minnie Mouse at Magic Kingdom

One of J’s favourite aspects of our holiday to Florida was our Disney World character meet and greets. Before we booked our Disney holiday, J didn’t really know any Disney characters, except maybe for Lightning McQueen and Olaf. I recorded lots of Mickey’s Clubhouse episodes and played them in the build up to our holiday. By the time we left, J couldn’t wait to meet Mickey and friends. Even then though, I was uncertain as to how our three year old would respond to a giant mouse in clothing stood in front of him. I had nothing to worry about. The very first thing we did on our first day was visit Mickey at Magic Kingdom and Disney World character meet and greets became the main focus of our park visits after that because J loved meeting his favourite characters.

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Top 10 Disney World Rides and Attractions for Preschoolers

J driving a car in Tomorrowland, Magic Kingdom

These are three and a half year old J’s top 10 Disney World rides and attractions from the four main Disney World parks. These are mostly found in Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, which were J’s two favourite Disney parks. J also adored Blizzard Beach waterpark and the Winter Summerland miniature golf course and these would be on to his must do list for all children visiting Disney World. J’s top 10 Disney World rides and attractions for preschoolers list below is grouped into the parks and is not in preference order.

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Disney and Sensory Processing Disorder: Our Experience

J from behind with his hand on the aquarium glass as he looks at the marine life and coral inside.

Planning a holiday with children is definitely more complicated. With a child who has Sensory Processing Disorder and a food phobia we certainly have lots to consider in our preparations for any trip and our Disney holiday in particular could have been a complete disaster if we hadn’t been ready for it. J is both a sensory avoider (visual, touch, sound, taste) and a sensory seeker (movement). With the packed crowds, noisy parks and different foods, I must admit I did worry before we left that our Disney tickets were not going to be used more than once and that instead we would just have a relaxing holiday by the hotel pool and exploring the local area (I insisted that we hire a car for this very reason). After all, J finds birthday parties and local family fun days overwhelming so how would he cope at Disney World? Well, first things first, I armed myself with information and my Disney preparations began in haste. I set up a Disney Pinterest board so that I could understand what challenges each of the parks may present J and I made a list of which rides and attractions would be suitable and which we should avoid.

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Holiday Preparations: 7 Top Tips

Sandy beach cove with green trees and shrubs behind it and azure blue shallow waters with coral seen and a boat. People stood on the beach and in the surf.

With the summer holidays getting ever closer, it is the time when many Brits pack a bag and head off to explore somewhere new – be it lazing in sunnier climes or hiking in the mountains; discovering a new city to get lost in or relaxing by a pool on a ship in the middle of the ocean; splashing in the pool with your children or finding fine cuisine. All of our holiday ideals are slightly different but your holiday preparations are often very similar. While chatting with some friends yesterday about our plans for the summer, my friend mentioned that the holiday preparations stress her out, so I thought I would compile a list of key holiday tips to help anyone who hates the holiday preparations as much as she does.

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Blizzard Beach and Winter Summerland Miniature Golf Disney World

Blizzard beach almost vertical waterslide, Summit Plummet and the chairlift up to it.

As I write this, J and I have just returned from an amazing family holiday to Florida. We spent most of our time exploring the wonders of Disney World including Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Blizzard Beach and Disney Springs which has given us incredible memories to treasure forever.


Orlando is in tropical Florida and therefore the weather is hot, but it is also rather stormy. June to November is the traditional storm season, but we were there in early May and had 4 days where it rained at some point and when it rains in Florida it is torrential. So we decided that where could be better to spend a rainy day than a water park where you will be getting wet anyway? So when the rain came down we headed to Disney’s wintery water park , Blizzard Beach. It doesn’t seem that many other people were quite so sensible though as the car park was almost deserted and during one visit we had the place almost to ourselves, which was incredible. I asked a staff member and she said they had less than 100 people in the park in the busy period of that day and by the end there were only a few of us, whereas on an average sunny weekday out of school holidays there would be 1000 people in the park. So we made the most of this and hubby went on almost every single water slide and didn’t have to queue once.

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