Cupcake Tuff Tray

Cupcake tuff tray messy at the end of play.

It’s National Cupcake Week, which I thought would be a good opportunity to create J some food sensory play. I have been a bit pre-occupied during the last couple of weeks and so J hasn’t been doing many focused sensory activities. This cupcake tuff tray is a great sensory activity for J as he can play with food in a safe environment with no expectation to try to eat the food unless he wants to. J loves to help me prepare food but he has fallen out of love with baking since I found the convenience of an electric whisk. Hopefully the cupcake play will help to inspire J ready to bake my birthday cake in a few weeks!

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Autumn Sensory Walk FREE Activity Booklet

Autumn Sensory Walk activity booklet - child throwing leaves over them.

Autumn is well and truly here now and there is so much going on in nature at this time of year that it is the perfect time to go for a sensory walk. Every year as we enter autumn and wave summer behind I feel sad and struggle with the transition – I love the sun and the heat and being outdoors. However, once autumn has settled in I begin to love it too. The bright blue skies, the still warming sun, the changing leaves, being blown around so much my ears hurt, splashing in muddy puddles, fireworks, a log fire – there is still so much to love about autumn after all!

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Shaving Foam Car Wash Sensory Play

J washing the cars clean at his shaving foam car wash.

In this lovely hot summer, any excuse to encourage J to play with water to help him cool down is a good one and combining that with some touch sensory play too is even better. Before we could set up the shaving foam car wash we had to empty the sand from the sand and water tray in the garden, which J loved helping with. First he dug all of the sand and poured it into a black bin liner which was sat in his wheelbarrow. Then he wheeled his wheelbarrow to the bins and emptied all the sand. Following this he used the hose to fill the tray with water (and I added some washing up liquid) and then J scrubbed the sand tray with a brush. J loved being helpful and thought this was lots of fun too.


When J had finally finished playing with the water, bubbles and brush it was time to fill one half of the tray with water and the other half with shaving foam. J then added his cars into the shaving foam and got them nice and covered.

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Trapped in the Ice Sensory Play

The car trapped in ice but partially free with a chunk of chiselled off ice sat beside it.
J has always been resistant to playing with ice in the past – he is adverse to temperature extremes. However, in our recent heat wave he has been asking for ice in his water and so I thought we would try some ice play. Since J is a huge car fan, I thought I would trap a car in the ice to encourage him to play with the ice to free the car.
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Disney and Sensory Processing Disorder: Our Experience

J from behind with his hand on the aquarium glass as he looks at the marine life and coral inside.

Planning a holiday with children is definitely more complicated. With a child who has Sensory Processing Disorder and a food phobia we certainly have lots to consider in our preparations for any trip and our Disney holiday in particular could have been a complete disaster if we hadn’t been ready for it. J is both a sensory avoider (visual, touch, sound, taste) and a sensory seeker (movement). With the packed crowds, noisy parks and different foods, I must admit I did worry before we left that our Disney tickets were not going to be used more than once and that instead we would just have a relaxing holiday by the hotel pool and exploring the local area (I insisted that we hire a car for this very reason). After all, J finds birthday parties and local family fun days overwhelming so how would he cope at Disney World? Well, first things first, I armed myself with information and my Disney preparations began in haste. I set up a Disney Pinterest board so that I could understand what challenges each of the parks may present J and I made a list of which rides and attractions would be suitable and which we should avoid.

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