Presents for a 1 year old

Are you looking for awesome presents for a one year old? This week we have had a friend’s 1st birthday.  Having recently had J’s 1st birthday and Christmas, I felt quite confident buying presents for the little one, so I’ve put together a list of great gifts for 1 year olds (in no particular order).


  1. Musical instruments.

Children's instruments - ideal present for a 1 year oldAll of the 1 year olds I know love instruments.  Whatever you choose will be loved by the child.  From maracas to a drum to bells or even a toddler keyboard.  A sure winner.


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Activities for a 1 year old

J has just turned 14 months.  So what has he been up to in the last month?  Obviously all babies develop at different rates and have different interests, but these activities are what J enjoyed doing at 13 months.

Sensory food play

 We have been creating lots of food play activities to try to encourage J to eat.  He doesn’t like new textures in his mouth so if the food actually gets into his mouth then it is usually spat back out again.  Sometimes he doesn’t like touching the food with his hands, so then he uses brightly coloured plastic spoons (Ikea) to interact.  Even if your baby doesn’t need sensory play, it is a fun activity if you don’t mind the mess.  I am looking forward to playing with some of the messier food items (baked beans and custard) when it is warmer and we can go in the garden.

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