Pumpkin Slime

Pumpkin with pumpkin slime on top facing forwards

I love slime! It has such a wonderful consistency and it so simple and quick to make. It is a fabulous sensory tool and great for occupying kids on a rainy or cold day. Because it is so simple to make, most of the ingredients will already be in your cupboards and your children can make it with you. The best feature of slime is that it makes no mess so can be played with anywhere. Since it is almost Halloween, I decided to make some Pumpkin Slime this week.

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Spider Web Fine Motor Challenge

spiders on a bed of shredded green paper with a pipe cleaner web over the top and purple tweezers resting on the pipe cleaners

In preparation for learning to write, I have been creating lots of fun fine motor skills activities for J to play. In keeping with the autumn/Halloween season I made a spider web fine motor challenge for him. It was a really simple activity to set up and I only used items that I had lying around the house already. J was really excited when he saw the spider web in the cupboard and couldn’t wait to get started.

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Best Autumn Activities for Toddlers

autumn activities for toddlers. Two pumpkins with carved faces on a wooden table with autumn leaves in the background.

There are so many fabulous activities for toddlers to do at this time of year whether it is getting them outside in between the rain showers or keeping them entertained indoors on a wet or cold afternoon. Here is a selection of some of my favourite activities from when J was a toddler.

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Cupcake Tuff Tray

Cupcake tuff tray messy at the end of play.

It’s National Cupcake Week, which I thought would be a good opportunity to create J some food sensory play. I have been a bit pre-occupied during the last couple of weeks and so J hasn’t been doing many focused sensory activities. This cupcake tuff tray┬áis a great sensory activity for J as he can play with food in a safe environment with no expectation to try to eat the food unless he wants to. J loves to help me prepare food but he has fallen out of love with baking since I found the convenience of an electric whisk. Hopefully the cupcake play will help to inspire J ready to bake my birthday cake in a few weeks!

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Thomas the Tank Engine Party

Thomas the Tank Engine Birthday Cake. Chocolate cake and icing with a white glittery number 3 candle on top. A small blue Thomas toy carriage on green beads representing grass on the cake tray. 2 carriages made from bourbon biscuits and oreos filled with sweets.

It is the time of year when I start thinking about J’s birthday. This year he will be 4 and has already started talking about his birthday party. This threw me a bit as I hadn’t actually planned on giving him one so I will need to get my thinking cap on. Last year for J’s third birthday, we had a small party at home with close friends which we themed as a Thomas the Tank Engine party. Here is a selection of my favourite Thomas the Tank Engine inspired ideas for your child’s birthday.


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