From a Mother to Another

Last year, I was excited when I saw details about the ‘From a Mother to Another’ charity campaign.  I had been lucky enough to have a baby shower and receive lots of baby gifts when J was born and I felt passionate about giving something back.  This charity campaign, run by JoJo Maman Bebe (one of my favourite baby shops), allowed me to do good with great ease.

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Does your baby sleep through the night?

“Does your baby sleep through the night yet?”  This was what I was asked every time we met someone new, from the supermarket worker, to the old lady waiting at the bus stop, to mums in baby groups for the first 8 months of J’s life.  Why are people obsessed with how my baby sleeps?  What is it to them?  Can’t they tell from the bags under my eyes and the mismatched clothing that I clearly had very little sleep last night?  Are they just asking to irritate me?

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Winter blues and a spark of motivation

Winter wonderland - A snow lined avenue of trees
It is a sad truth but I am not at my best in winter. I am grumpy, I moan, I eat chocolate (I do this all year but I’m eating even more than usual) which means that I put on pounds.  It is an effort to go outside into the grey, damp and windy world of winter and I am full of sniffles.  I have a serious case of the winter blues!  Unfortunately, this is a yearly occurence but has been compounded this year by several factors:
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