How to Survive the Summer Holiday

Family paddling in the sea at the beach.
For many parents, the 6 week summer holiday seems daunting. So many parents feel the pressure to make the most of every single second of their time with their child and to be constantly busy and spending a fortune on days out. I can assure you that there simply isn’t the need and I’m sure that your child is just happy to be on holiday from school and enjoy a break and an opportunity to play with their toys, their family and their friends. When I was a teacher, I liked to have a couple of busy days immediately after breaking up to burn off the end of term adrenalin and excitement but once that was done I had to just chill out. I was exhausted and many of your children will be too.
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AWJ in June: Sunshine, Friends, Peppa Pig, Father’s Day and Football

J playing on the beach in his England t-shirt and shorts after watching the England vs Panama game in June

Although May was always going to be a tough month to beat after our holiday in Florida, June has been a great month too because the weather has delivered us a lovely sunny summer so far and we have had lots of exciting adventures. Actually, we have been lucky enough to have so many adventures that I am not sure how we fit it all in!


A Weekend in Wales

At the very start of the month, we drove across the Severn Bridge to visit friends in Wales. We had a lovely time catching up and playing. It was hot and sunny so we enjoyed play in the paddling pool, a walk to feed a horse, a BBQ, a picnic and some swimming.

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Father’s Day 2018

J and daddy racing on the GoKarts at a local farm park on Father's Day.

Unlike Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is often hot and sunny and so for the past 3 years hubby has delighted in lots of Father’s Day fun with picnics, beach trips, steam train rides, garden chilling out time and walks out and about. This year we are renovating our house so we decided to keep things low key and had planned on a New Forest visit with walking, sports, biking and a picnic on the agenda, but of course this year the weather decided to not play ball and we decided to change our plans and head to a local farm park instead where dad’s were free for Father’s Day.


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A letter to J at three and a half

A letter to J at three and a half

Dear J



I can’t believe how quickly the past 6 months have past; you are already three and a half. So much has happened in those six months. We celebrated your birthday with friends and family at our old house and then only 1o days later we moved into our new home. That was quite an upheaval for you and even now, 6 months later, you continue to ask why we moved to our new home. You like it because you have a bigger bedroom and are closer to nana, but I still think that you find it strange not to go back to our old house. Only a couple of weeks ago, you asked me when we were moving back. I said that we weren’t and you said that was good as you like your new big house (it really isn’t very big). We are just in the design process of decorating your new bedroom. You have asked that the room be blue and green, your favourite colours. You have been adamant about that since we first moved in which has been really helpful, however, we are also looking at beds and you want almost all of the shortlist which is making it rather hard for us to choose. We want you to be happy and don’t want to get a bed you don’t like as we have only just got you sleeping! In fact, the first week after we moved in you slept through from bedtime until morning for 5 nights in a row. That was a first! I hope that you love your bedroom once it is finished.

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Best Boy’s Beds

Best Boys Beds - This cabin bed has steps rather than a ladder up to it perfect for younger children. It also has 3 drawers and lots of shelving. The white will lighten the room.

When we moved to our new house 6 months ago one of our key criteria was a bigger room for J. His previous bedroom wasn’t a box room but we expect that once he gets older he will want to spend more time in it and we decided we wanted him to have a bit more space to grow into. We found what we were looking for and more as J has a playroom too, so we have even more options for his play space that we had planned. Our whole house needs to be renovated and J’s bedroom is our first priority. I have been trawling the Internet to try and find design inspiration for layout, colour schemes, beds, theme ideas and furniture and am slowly pulling ideas together. If you would like to see more check out my Pinterest board Where Children Sleep, Play, learn, Grow & Explore.

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