Halloween Salt Writing

red salt on a green plate with wobbly eyes and black plastic spiders. Red and blue painted letters arranged above the plate spelling out spider.

J is loving learning his letters and in recent weeks he is increasingly asking us to make dotted letters and numbers for him to write so I thought he was ready for some salt writing. There are different substances from around the house you could use to help your child learn to write – sand, flour, cocoa powder, sugar, but this time I decided to try some salt. I decided that I would theme the writing tray to attract J’s interest so that he wanted to participate in the activity and that is how the Halloween salt writing came about.

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How to Teach Letter Sounds: Fun Ideas

Lego Brick FUN How to Teach letter sounds the fun way

J loves learning his letter sounds at the moment! He learnt the letter names from the ABC song that we have on a nursery rhyme CD playing in the car, but this isn’t very useful when it comes to reading, so I am pleased that he is now learning his letter sounds too. We ensure that learning is very child led, but since J can’t get enough of the letter sounds we are finding games and activities to help him.

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How to Choose a School for Your Child

How to choose a school. School books in a pile with an apple on top and coloured pencils on the table by the side of the books.

It is that time of year again. School place applications for September 2019 opened on 1st September 2018.


This year it is your turn to choose a school for your child, but you haven’t walked into a school since you left as a teenager so how do you pick? With Ofsted reports, league tables and friends with older children throwing different bits of advice your way it may seem rather overwhelming. Where should you start?


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Books for a 3 Year Old – What is J Reading?

A selection of J's favourite book for this month.
This month J turned 3 and a half. We are going through a stage where he is rather reluctant to read other than at bedtime so I have been looking for some new reading material to try to reignite his passion for reading. We have phases where we have to read endlessly and all of the books on the shelf are known word for word and then J decides he doesn’t want to read at all. I decided that some new books may be needed (even though we have an entire bookcase and another shelf worth of books for him) and have mixed these in with some classic favourites and we seem to have been able to do some post lunchtime reading on a few days.
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