About Me

Me with hair in a ponytail wearing a blue cardigan and jeans and black sunglasses kneeling on the grass hugging my black labrador puppy with a ball in his mouth and wearing a red harness

Join J and I as we adventure our way around the UK and the world. Travel has always been a huge passion of mine and I spent a year travelling in my twenties with my now hubby. When I am travelling I am my most happy, relaxed and creative self. I love to take photos of our experiences and to write about them so blogging about our travels makes perfect sense. The places I want to travel with J are extensive and I’d love to take him off on long adventures together, but for now we will settle for holidays, weekend breaks and days out. I hope to pass on my love of exploring to J and he already knows several places on a map.


Me sitting on bed with blue t-shirt and jeans, hair tied up holding a prosecco and orange juice cocktail.


For J, ever since he entered the world in 2014 he has been living an adventure as he explores every thing around him. From discovering his fingers to flying on a plane. For J everything is new and fascinating whether it is the grains of sand on his skin or the pebbles beneath his feet; the cars that drive along the road and the planes that fly in the sky; tasting and smelling spices and watching twinkling lights. He is an inquisitive child who loves to explore and learn. He is intrigued by how things work and loves anything that moves and all animals. He is increasing in confidence when he meets new people and loves to talk to them. He loves the sunshine and the warmth but we also hope to introduce him to snow. We want to introduce him to sights and smells, experiences and cultural differences. We want to teach and inspire him through our travels and adventures.


J riding his white balance bike with green wheel spokes. Wearing a blue helmet. Side on shot

I am loving seeing the world through his fresh eyes as we continue our adventure together and I look forward to sharing it with you.