Disney Preparations – Things to get you holiday ready

Mickey Mouse headshot waving
I had always said that I wouldn’t take J to Disney until I felt he was old enough to really appreciate the Disney experience. In my head this was probably about 6 or 7. However, when an opportunity that was too good to refuse presented itself, I decided that a holiday in Florida would be amazing and if Disney worked out then that would be even better so we booked flights to Orlando and an apartment just off of International Drive. We initially planned to visit the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom for a day each and maybe one of the water parks and then see what J thought of the whole Disney experience and go back if he liked it. What I hadn’t fully appreciated when we booked the flights was how expensive a day pass to Disney World is!


Disney Tickets

After a bit of research we ended up buying a 7 day pass to Disney which gave us an additional 7 days for free so we could visit any of the 4 main parks (Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios) and the 2 water parks (Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon) unlimited number of times and hop between parks as we liked. If you buy an Ultimate ticket from the UK this also includes Memory Maker, which is a photopass allowing you to have photos taken by Disney photographers including character photos, ride photos and general family shots in spots around the park. Memory Maker is valued at €199. We decided that this gave us lots of flexibility and if nothing else J was bound to love the animals at Animal Kingdom and the water parks.


Disney preparations - Mickey mouse looking through a film camera on a gate at Hollywood Studios

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Garden Toys for Preschoolers

Playhouse for the garden with a little door and windows

As the weather is looking so good for May bank holiday weekend (I hope I am not in for a disappointment), we have been getting our new garden ready for summer. Our garden was our definite compromise when we moved at the end of last year. It is about a third of the size of our previous garden and we were all sad to loose the space. However, it is still a reasonable size and I am determined to make the most of it. We have decided not to do too many changes out there this year so that we can see what grows up when and where and (most importantly) where the sun is at different points of the day so that we know where is best for our table and chairs. We have pruned and weeded and planted some new bulbs in pots and that is all we will do except for getting the garden summer ready for J. I would love to have a climbing wall, trampoline, swing and play set but we simply don’t have the room. So what are my top garden toys for keeping J happy playing in our garden?


The Slide

colourful plastic garden slide

We were given J’s slide by my sister in law when she moved to Australia and it has been very well used by J who loves it. I was going to buy him a taller slide this summer, but then I remembered that it is a water slide and we haven’t used it as one yet, so I want to try and see if he likes it first. I have a feeling that after loving the Disney waterparks J will think that sliding down his very own water slide into the paddling pool as pretty awesome! The slide is one of J’s favourite things at the park and he loves to slide at home too. He also loves to use the slide as a track for his race cars which makes for a lot of fun too.

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Learning with Mrs Mactivity

Mrs Mactivity scissor cutting worksheets with a Christmas theme and a pair of green child's scissors

Since we are heading to Orlando this year, we will have two 10 hour flights to amuse J on. Therefore, I was rather excited when offered the opportunity to review a new educational resource website for teachers and parents called Mrs Mactivity. There is only so long that J will spend watching TV or playing with a couple of cars on a plane, so I thought it would be great to print off some fun resources for him to colour or craft with while flying across the Atlantic Ocean. There are some great resources on Mrs Mactivity for us to choose from.

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Turkey Burgers – egg free, no breadcrumbs

Turkey burger cooked and placed on a bun. Home made chips and salad on plate

On a wet, cold and miserable Sunday afternoon I asked hubby what he wanted for dinner. He replied, “A juicy burger.” Excellent! That I could do. I had some turkey mince in the fridge that needed to be eaten up or frozen, so I could use it to make home made turkey burgers. I think hubby may have been a little sceptical about the fact that my offered turkey burgers were healthy equivalents of what he had in mind, but he was happy to go with me anyway.

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Creating a Play Town for Preschoolers

J's play town using masking tape to create roads and toys to create play segments.
Good Friday was forecast heavy rain so I was pondering activities that I could set up for J to keep him entertained inside. Recently, I have created a few small worlds for him but I quickly learnt that if cars aren’t involved somehow in the play then the small world won’t hold J’s interest. So rather than trying to fight his love of cars and encourage him to have a wider range of interests, I fully embraced J’s car obsession and decided to create a whole play town for him that centred around a masking tape road.


I used masking tape (almost an entire roll) to make a road system on the floor of J’s playroom. I have used it before for a variety of activities so I know that it comes off our carpet without any damage or trace (our wooden floor has lost some varnish though in the past, so please do a small test prior to using masking tape). I planned out the town in my head as I went using his toys.


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