Best Books for a 1 year old

Books for a 1 year old

To celebrate World Book Day, I have compiled a list of  J’s 15 favourite books.  J loves to read!  We spend more time reading to him than he plays with toys.  When we aren’t reading to him he likes to look at the pictures himself.  J particularly loves animals and lift the flap books as well as books that make a noise and he enjoys sharing his food and drink with the animals in the books.  J’s love of reading means that we need plenty of reading material (partly to stop me getting bored!) so I have combed libraries, preloved baby sales, car boot sales and bookshops looking for the best books for him and these are his favourites.

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Essential items for a Newborn

I have quite a few pregnant friends and recent conversations have reminded me of just how clueless I was prior to pregnancy!  Even though I thought I was well researched during the 40 weeks, we had a few post-birth mad dashes to the shops for items we needed right away.  This inspired me to write a list of my essential items for parents of a newborn.

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Christening / Naming Day gifts

My cousin’s daughter is having a Naming Ceremony this weekend so I have been busy searching for gift ideas.  Here are my favourite ideas for Christening/Naming Ceremony gifts.

  1. Jewellery

A traditional keepsake gift such as a bracelet, necklace or keyring.  You can buy these for boys and girls.  For an extra special touch have them engraved with the child’s name and the date of their Christening/Naming Day.

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