2018 Travel Bucket List

Travel Bucket List Magic Kingdom Castle

Yes, I know that traditionally bucket list posts appear in January but we were still busy thinking about our travel plans for the next couple of years so we are a little late to the party.



The sunshine state wasn’t even on our travel agenda for 2018 until a couple of weeks ago. We realised that we want to take J to Disney World before he turns 5 and that we already have ideas for next year which wouldn’t give us time to fit a trip to the Magic Kingdom in so we bumped it up to the top of 2018’s travel bucket list!

I have been to Florida twice previously. Once as a teenager to the theme parks with my family and then hubby and I visited Miami, Orlando and Cape Canaveral in our mid twenties.  I have always wanted to visit the gulf coast so that will definitely feature on our itinerary this year.


Centre Parcs

We are planning a trip to Centre Parcs for J’s 4th birthday near the end of the year. We went when we was almost 2 and we felt that he was too young (J was not keen on the swimming environment at all and was too young to join in any of the sports activities). However, we think that he would really enjoy it now as he loves swimming and biking.

Travel Bucket List Centre Parcs dome and pool


Peppa Pig World

J loves Peppa Pig at the moment so we definitely want to take him here this year – he will love it I am sure!


Isle of Wight

We love the Isle of Wight and I have happy memories of holidays as a child. The extortionate ferry prices have put us off visiting but there are so many great attractions for children that I feel it is time to head back and explore with J.



Wales is a country we haven’t visited as a family and since it is so near it seems a real shame. We are planning at least a weekend to visit friends and we will see how J copes with the journey. I think J would love to see Mount Snowden.



We love Spain! It is such a great country to visit with children and we always feel safe and welcome. We are planning a holiday in September to get some autumn sunshine. I think we will probably head south and may even time our trip to see the Vuelta as we are big cycling fans.



We bought a family tent last year but didn’t get to use it. This year we have every intention to get away for at least a few weekends. We need to buy a few more cooking bits and then we will be all set… now we just need the weather to help us out! (I do not like rain!) We are hoping to visit the Purbecks or the New Forest and possibly near Petersfield. Can you recommend any campsites?


J loves animals so much! We took him to Longleat for his 1st birthday to see the festival of light and said we would head back this year as it was so fabulous!



We would live J to see snow (no hope in the south of England) and my mum has great friends in the Dolomites so I am sure that a family visit will be on the cards for either the end of this year or the beginning of 2019. We debated going next month but J wouldn’t want to do skiing lessons yet and although it isn’t an essential part of the trip for us we felt that he may enjoy it as he nears 4. J is also a fan of the sun (I think there must be a gene he inherited) and is not a fan of the cold which worries me a bit. Have you taken a 3 or 4 year old to the mountains. Did they learn to ski? How did they cope with the cold temperatures?



Okay so this location a bit of a long shot for 2018, but all that Death in Paradise footage is irresistible! I have previously visited some of the islands on a cruise but I would love to see more. I have always wanted to visit the Cayman Islands. My dad was offered a job there when my mum was pregnant with me and both my parents wanted to go but it meant them being separated for the initial 6 months and my dad wouldn’t leave my mum especially while she was pregnant so he turned down the opportunity. I have always felt drawn to see the island that I could have called home if they had chosen differently.

What’s on your bucket list for 2018?


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The Tasburgh Hotel: A Review

Eliot room at The Tasburgh Hotel. A blue and white coloured chaise lounge in front of a matching king size bed and headboard. Cream walls and lamp on bed side table.

Hubby took me away to Bath for our 10th Wedding Anniversary last month and rather than staying in our usual Premier Inn he splashed out on the beautiful 5 star boutique Tasburgh Hotel. Because he wanted the surprise trip to be extra special he took a lot of time to find the perfect place to stay and booked it months before giving him a full choice of rooms.


Greeted like Old Friends

When we pulled off the A36 just past Bathampton we found the beautiful redbrick building that was originally owned by Royal photographer, John Berryman. As we parked outside The Tasburgh Hotel we both knew that he had picked a winner. We headed inside to let them know our car registration (parking is included which in Bath is a definite bonus) and we were greeted like old friends by Grant, the General Manager. Little luxuries dotted the reception such as bottled water, comfy chairs to sit on and even home made honey available to purchase. My eye was drawn down the corridor to the restaurant where a delicate chandelier hung.

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An Anniversary Weekend in Bath

Photo of the Crescent in Bath. A row of Georgian mansions with grassland in front of them.

Bath is one of my favourite cities in England. I love the architecture, the boutique shopping, the history and the friendliness of the locals. I remember the first time that I visited Bath on a school trip. As our coach drove around the corner from Bathampton to the south we got our first glimpse of the city built of stone in the valley below us. I instantly fell in love with the beauty of the city and have loved it ever since. I was thrilled when my husband decided to treat to to a surprise weekend away there for our 10th wedding anniversary.

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Scottish Highlands : A family Adventure

Scottish highlands: river running across the landscape with hill to the right and beach in front, grass behind

Scottish Highlands

We went for a holiday in the Scottish Highlands earlier this month. This was a location that was a little different for us as we love hot holidays, but with a toddler we thought we would try something a little different. We based ourselves in a self-catering lodge near the village of Ballater, close to Balmoral Castle and had ourselves a little Scottish adventure.

2 dolphin fins off the Moray Firth coast.
Wild dolphins off the Moray Firth in the sea.








Red deer in a Scottish valley
Red deer in a valley near Loch Muick.

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Fear of flying: Can I overcome it?

BA plane taking off in blue sky

I love travelling! Hubby and I spent a year in our mid twenties travelling Oceania and North America. I hope that J shares our love for adventure, discovery and new experiences. What’s the problem I hear you ask? Just the teensy weeny issue that I am terrified of flying! I am not exaggerating. I’ve heard of plenty of people who dislike flying or get bored. I am literally so terrified that I have a: find any alternative; avoid at all costs; full on anxiety and for at least a week beforehand style fear.

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