Book Review – Norbin the Hoggitt

Front cover of Norbin the Hoggitt

Norbin the Hoggit by John McClintock is a self published short children’s book ideally suited for 11-14 year olds who are looking for some quirky reading material.


This fantasy story focuses on the creatures who live on the grounds of Shell Cottage, including Rosie the Robin, Tardy the Toad and the main character, Norbin the Hoggit. The book is accompanied by lovely hand drawn illustrations, especially of the waterfalls and toadstools, although I think they may be a little too grown up for most of the readers.

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Jord Watch review

Jord Cora Zebrawood and Turquoise wooden watch on my wrist
Ever since I was a little girl I have loved timepieces. My grandparents always took us to stately homes and craft fairs as children and I was always drawn to the clocks; they were so grand in times gones by, especially the grandfather clocks. I loved watching the mechanisms turning round behind the faces; their consistency and the workmanship that went into their craft. I also loved old watches. My grandfather had a few old ones, including a beautiful pocket watch that I would wind up for him before he went to work.


For me choosing a watch is a big deal. It is an item that I will wear every day so I have to love it even more than my favourite jeans! It has to go with everything that I wear and has to reflect something about me and my personality. Watch shopping takes time and serious consideration so when I decided that it was time for a new one I put in a lot of research and found nothing in any of the shops that I liked. I wanted something that was comfortable, durable (I have a toddler after all), pretty (ideally with a bit of sparkle), cool and unique. Having exhausted all my options I had pretty much given up. Then I remembered having seen a watch review on Cuddlefairy’s blog at the beginning of the year that was beautiful. Searching on her blog I found exactly what I was looking for…



Jord Wooden Watches – an American watch company that makes watches from wood. I love the designs. I love the wooden materials. I love the coloured faces and the individual style they have. They matched all my criteria. I wanted to know more so I got in touch with them…

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Hypnobirthing – What it did for me

Hypnobirthing - What it did for me - pregnant me sitting on a tree trunk.

Getting pregnant had always been what I had focussed on, so when I actually became pregnant I was delighted. However, once the realisation that I was actually carrying a baby inside me hit (I had seen the 12 week scan, I had heard the heart beat at my 16 week midwife appointment and I was out of my own clothes and wearing the maternity clothes I had long dreamt about) it suddenly occurred to me that this baby had to also come out! PANIC!!

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Review: James and the Amazing Gift

James and the Amazing Gift book front cover with little boy James smiling and carrying his blue wedding

I am always excited about the opportunity for a new book to review as J and I love books. I am especially interested in reading books that share an important message, like James and the Amazing Gift does.


James is a little boy who loves to smile and he has the special ability of making everyone he meets smile too. He smiles all day and even in his sleep.  Through the book we see how James can cheer up sad children and adults alike with his smile and projected happiness. But one day, James visits a garden centre with his mummy and sees an elderly lady who refuses to meet his eye and hides her face under a large purple hat. The elderly lady is sad and lonely. Will James be able to make this lady smile?

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Keeping your Family Gas Safe

gas safety at home

As the dark nights draw in, the frost creeps up the path in the mornings and the fireworks are glittering overhead, the heating is switched on across the country. The majority of us have gas fires or boilers to keep our houses and our families warm as the chilly winter sets in. There is nothing better than coming home from a long winter walk, jumping in muddy puddles, or crunching in the leaves to a warm house and a hot bath all thanks to our gas boilers. I love roast dinners and in the winter my mum’s kitchen (I am a fan of eating rather than cooking) is often steaming from all the yummy vegetables cooking on the gas hob. Gas is an integrated part of our lives, especially in the winter. I have always been a worrier and now that I am a mummy I am in constant worry overdrive. I will do everything I can to protect my family from all the potential dangers in this world and this includes gas. When used correctly, gas is safe, however, we can make it even safer by ensuring that we follow gas safety in the home.

gas safe - Flogas

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