Canvasdesign Silver Canvas Print Review

Photo on silver canvas of J as a close up portrait

Ever since I was little I have loved photographs. I loved sitting and looking through them with my grandparents or my parents; asking stories about the moment when they were captured and the people or places who were in them.


When I reached my teenage years I enjoyed capturing these moments myself – family holidays were a particular favourite. Back in those days the photos were rather unreliable; blurred, finger shots and the bright red light that used to take up most of the photo. As I got older, I started to refine my technique and even chose to do a Photography A-Level, which I loved. As a parent, photography became even more important. Taking photos of J gives me snapshots to look back on; snapshots of all the wonderful memories that we are creating and the special times that we have and most importantly all the things that will be easy to forget – those tiny developmental phases that blur into one; the slight changes to his face that occur each day. These photographs are priceless.

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Scottish Highlands : A family Adventure

Scottish highlands: river running across the landscape with hill to the right and beach in front, grass behind

Scottish Highlands

We went for a holiday in the Scottish Highlands earlier this month. This was a location that was a little different for us as we love hot holidays, but with a toddler we thought we would try something a little different. We based ourselves in a self-catering lodge near the village of Ballater, close to Balmoral Castle and had ourselves a little Scottish adventure.

2 dolphin fins off the Moray Firth coast.
Wild dolphins off the Moray Firth in the sea.





Red deer in a Scottish valley
Red deer in a valley near Loch Muick.

Best Bits

  • Spotting wild dolphins
  • The natural beauty of the highlands
  • Seeing the Queen
  • Swimming in the hotel pool
  • Surviving the drive from the south coast of England
  • The local people were some of the friendliest I have ever met
  • It only rained for one day
  • Ballater Bothy’s chocolate & cranberry scones
  • Ballater’s butchers have the most incredible tasting meat


J peeking over a fence
Playing Peek a Boo

Parallel row of rocks leading into the loch
Scottish Highlands Loch Muick

Worst Bits

  • J decided this week he didn’t fancy walking (there are plenty of walks and very little else to entertain a toddler in the Scottish highlands!!)
  • Everywhere was a long drive from anywhere else, which meant a lot of time in the car, with a toddler.
  • Just as we arrived at the whiskey distillery J decided to have a screaming fit


Scottish landscape of a valley, river and hills
Driving to Ballater through the Scottish highlands windy roads and beautiful landscapes.


Dunno tar Castle, sitting on edge of cliff
Dunnottar Castle, south of Aberdeen


rocky river in a valley between two wooded areas
Scottish Highlands: river in the valley


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The Journey to being Sugar Free #1

sugar cube pile

Week one of no sugar was surprisingly easy. This is probably because I have decided to not go cold turkey and cut out all sugar at once, so this week I only had to go sugar free for dinner.


There are lots of dinners that you can eat with no sugar, the things that I missed the most were the condiments and sauces. I hadn’t realised how much sugar I was adding to my dinner through Ketchup, BBQ sauce, Worcester sauce, mint sauce, sweet and sour sauce, pasta sauce and salad dressings. It was a bit of a shock when I realised that my meals would now taste of the food I was actually eating rather than the sugary sauces instead!

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I am a sugar addict: The journey to being sugar free

sugar cube pile

Hi my name is Laura and I am a sugar addict.

They say that the first step to recovery is to accept that you have an addiction. I accept it (mostly!). I have decided that it is time to do something about it. It is going to be a very challenging journey but I am ready… or at least as ready as I will ever be!


So today is the start of my sugar free journey. Well actually today is the official start. I have been contemplating this move for the last couple of months but today I have actually started the steps of removing all refined sugar from my diet.

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Bibetta Lunch Bag review

Green Bibetta lunch bag opened by a toddler looking inside it

J started nursery a couple of weeks ago and just as I was remembering that I needed to buy him a lunch box for his packed lunch, I was offered the opportunity to review a Bibetta lunch bag. It could not have been better timing!

Bibetta lunch bag in 4 different colours green, turquoise, pink and dark blue

The Bibetta lunch bag is available in a range of funky designs and colours, as seen in the photo, of which I like them all. I requested the green one and it arrived a few days later on my doorstop for me to open with great excitement. The bag is made of washable neoprene, the same material as a wetsuit, so it is 100% waterproof. The neoprene makes the Bibetta lunch bag really stretchy and versatile, so there is lots of room inside for hungry children.

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