The case of the stolen UGG

Single UGG boot
Monday morning started like any other morning, a grumpy me being kicked in the stomach by a toddler who can’t keep still, at a time of the morning when only the sun is up. Only today the sun wasn’t up because it was hidden by storm clouds. We were off to a bad start to the week, however, the day was set to rapidly go downhill.


My husband (with his tidiness OCD) decided that my winter boots no longer needed to sit in the porch where he kept tripping over them (had he not looked outside?) so he went to relocate them into the cupboard. I have a wonderful pair of gorgeous, snuggly, beautiful UGG boots that my incredible mum bought me for my birthday last autumn. “I wore them two days ago!” I argued as he opened the front door. “Where’s your other UGG boot?” he called. My first thought was next to the one you can see, but his eyesight isn’t THAT bad, so instead I replied with a straightforward, “I don’t know.” At this stage I barely batted an eyelid. Obviously J had moved one of my boots, probably the afternoon before when he had been urging me to leave the house.


However, 5 minutes later I was running around in a panicked state unable to locate my precious boot.


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All the Little Things – 18 months

J sat in the flowerbed covering himself with soil

I read and love a blog series called ‘18 Million Things’ by one of my favourite bloggers Occupation(M)other and felt inspired to do something very similar.  Children change and develop so quickly that it is so easy to forget their little quirks and mannerisms.  I want to record All the Little Things that my little boy does that I love so much, so that I don’t forget them.  I can’t believe how quickly the last 18 months has passed; it has been so wonderful!


18 months


Dear J


I love that you have learnt to kiss me.


I love that you now love mouse and cuddle him when you are sad or tired or just because.

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Message in a Bottle: new personalised book for children

Message in a Bottle Kiki watching the sunset

I love books!  I am a complete book worm; always have been.  Even before I was pregnant, I would walk past the children’s section in the libraries or book shops and wishfully glance at the children’s books.  Within weeks of J’s birth, I was eagerly reading to him.  He loved the pictures and the silly animal sounds mummy and daddy made and it stopped him crying.  I needed no further encouragement, off I went to all the shops, charity stores and baby sales to hunt for board books.  I must admit as an ex-English teacher and a book lover myself I am exceptionally fussy about which books J is allowed to read and there are just not enough good quality books for under 18 months.  J still loves his board books, but he is beginning to choose what I call the ‘preschool’ books.  The stories are too old for him to follow, but he adores the illustrations and is so enthusiastic finding all the objects we name for him.


Message in a Bottle

When I saw the Message in a Bottle Launch Team advert I was so excited!  It was absolutely perfect for our little book lover.  I wanted to be a part of it so much.  When I received the email confirming that I was on the team I was over the moon, but then I started to worry… what if I didn’t like the book?  Silly me!  This is one of the best children’s books I have ever seen!

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Snap Cackle & Pop by Carol Kearney

Book review front cover

A witty and intelligent chick-lit that will make you laugh out loud.

4/5 stars


I have always been a complete bookworm and enjoy a range of genres, so I was thrilled when I was offered Snap Cackle & Pop by Carol Kearney to review. However, when I realised that all the main characters are over twenty years older than me I wondered if I would be able to relate to them. I shouldn’t have worried though, this book had me laughing out loud from the beginning.

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My weight loss journey – week 1

word diet made with coloured letters with a tape measure wrapped around them

Ever since January, I have been intending on starting on a fitness campaign and I am not doing very well.


First J kept getting ear infections and temperatures of 40 degrees so I couldn’t take him out for long walks or a run. Then he was up half the night, so I ate chocolate in a bid to keep me awake all day (obviously not the best decision as all I did was continue to be tired and pile on the pounds!) I eventually started running, but only managed two weeks before I got ill myself and it all fell apart. Finally I started running again, but then went on holiday.

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